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Cobham Gaisler AB
Cobham Gaisler AB
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Christian Sayer

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41119 Goteborg


Cobham Gaisler AB is a provider of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for advanced applications in the commercial and space flight domain. Cobham Gaisler's products consist of user-customizable 32-bit SPARC V8 processor cores, peripheral IP cores and associated software and development tools. Our solutions help companies and research institutes develop highly competitive application-specific SoC designs, as well as providing radiation- hardened components for the space market. The key product is the LEON synthesizable processor model together with a full development environment and a library of well over one hundred IP cores (GRLIB). The LEON processor and the library of IP cores are highly configurable, and are suitable for SoC designs. The processor combines high performance and an advanced architecture with low gate count and low power consumption. Implementing the SPARC V8 architecture (IEEE-1754), the LEON processor offers a truly open and well supported instruction set. Besides offering flexible stand-alone IP cores for integration in existing designs, the GRLIB design environment provides EDA tool and target technology integration for many existing FPGA and ASIC technologies, making system implementation quick and straight-forward. One outstanding feature of the IP-core library is that it also has always been distributed as free open-source, available from The open-source version of GRLIB is complete and perfectly suitable for complex SoC design in research and other less constrained environments. The IP core offering is complemented by a software infrastructure consisting of instruction set simulators, debug tools, compilers and operating systems, both commercial and free open-source.