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Mon, 23 Jan 2023 20:09

Authors' Guidelines for Audio-Visual Presentation

This document describes the guidelines to prepare and present audio-visual materials at DATE 2023. Please read all instructions carefully and follow them strictly to maintain the highest possible standards. Even experienced speakers should read the following paragraphs, as they cover several problems that have arisen over the years.

DATE provides a centralised presentation management system for speakers of D, A, T and E Track sessions, Late Breaking Results paper presentations, Multi-Partner Project presentations, Focus Sessions, Special Day and Special Initiative ASD presentations as well as presentations in line with the Young People Programme. It will not be possible to use own devices for presentations in the session rooms.
The centralised presentation management will not be provided for workshops (incl. Special Initiative ASD workshop) and embedded tutorials. Workshop and embedded tutorial speakers will receive presentation information from the workshop/embedded tutorial organisers.

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Thu, 24 Nov 2022 15:29

Accommodation & Travel

Special hotel room rates and Lufthansa Group airlines fares

  • In cooperation with the Antwerp Convention Bureau, the Conference Organisation offers hotel rooms at favourable rates in Antwerp for all conference delegates.
  • The Lufthansa Group airlines bring people together - every day, all around the world. The global route network of Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings offers optimal connection and combination options, so you will benefit from quick and direct flights to the event.
  • In cooperation with Visit Antwerp, Antwerp city pass are offered at discounted prices for DATE 2023 delegates.

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Wed, 26 Oct 2022 13:40

Promotion & Sponsorship

DATE 2023 offers numerous opportunities to get in contact with the DATE community and to advertise novel solutions.

DATE is the perfect opportunity to present and communicate your technological and business capabilities to scientific, industrial and commercial audiences at one single European event. All companies, institutions, universities, initiatives and projects that are linked to DATE as promotion partners or sponsors benefit from the additional visibility of their corporate identity, their products, services, expertise and cause.

The DATE 2023 promotion & sponsorship opportunities brochure gives you and idea of what  DATE 2023 can offer. Tailor-made packages can be arranged to suit your special requests. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and ideas.

We would be delighted to welcome you among our promotion partners and sponsors at DATE, and to welcome you in Antwerp for an interesting programme and effective networking.

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Thu, 20 Oct 2022 16:59

Careers Fair - Industry - Call for Submissions

Information for Students

The Young People Programme aims at bringing together Ph.D./Master Students and potential job seekers with recruiters from EDA and microelectronic companies. Interested jobseekers have the opportunity to apply to open positions which will be presented by the companies. If a student raises the interest in the position, an interview will be scheduled.


The following two classes of students are eligible:

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Thu, 20 Oct 2022 13:44

Student Teams Fair

The Student Teams Fair is an innovative initiative of DATE 2023 to bring together student teams participating to international competitions with and personnel from EDA and microelectronic companies. The Teams have the opportunity to present their activities, success stories and challenges, and to receive funding and support by the companies for their future activities.

Student teams will present their activities to the DATE 2023 attendees. Then, a poster session will follow to allow closer interaction of student teams with EDA and microelectronic companies, to allow discussion of sponsorship opportunities, e.g., in terms on monetary sponsorships, licenses, tutorials.


Student teams participating to international competitions, including but not limited to Robocup, Hyperloop and Carolo-Cup.

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Thu, 20 Oct 2022 10:27

Young People Programme

PhD/Master Students initiatives

The DATE 2023 conference includes a number of initiatives targeting PhD and master students, with the goal of increasing their visibility, establishing contacts, and encouraging discussion about their future perspectives with experts of the field.

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Fri, 8 Jul 2022 19:20

War in the Ukraine

Dear DATE community,

We, the DATE Sponsors Committee (DSC) and the DATE Executive Committee (DEC), are deeply shocked and saddened by the tragedy currently unfolding in Ukraine, and we would like to express our full solidarity with all the people and families affected by the war.

Our thoughts also go out to everyone in Ukraine and Russia, whether they are directly or indirectly affected by the events, and we extend our deep sympathy.

We condemn Russia’s military action in Ukraine, which violates international law. And we call on the different governments to take immediate action to protect everyone in that country, particularly including its civilian population and people affiliated with its universities.

Now more than ever, our DATE community must promote our societal values (justice, freedom, respect, community, and responsibility) and confront this situation collectively and peacefully to end this nonsense war.

DATE Sponsors and Executive Committees.


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Fri, 8 Jul 2022 09:16

DATE 2023 - Call for Papers

The DATE conference is the main European event bringing together designers and design automation users, researchers and vendors as well as specialists in the hardware and software design, test and manufacturing of electronic circuits and systems. DATE puts a strong emphasis on both technology and systems, covering ICs/SoCs, reconfigurable hardware and embedded systems as well as embedded software.

The three-day event consists of a conference with regular papers, late breaking results papers and extended abstracts, complemented by timely keynotes, special days, focus sessions, embedded tutorials, half-day workshops and multi-partner project sessions. The event will also host the Young People Programme and newly introduced unplugged sessions fostering the networking and the exchange of information on relevant issues, recent research outcomes and career opportunities.

DATE 2023 is the 26th edition of an event that has always been the place for researchers, young professionals and industrial partners to meet, present their research and discuss the current development and next trends, with high emphasis on social interaction.

For its 2023 edition, DATE presents itself in a renewed format: After three years of online editions due to COVID-19, DATE 2023 focusses on interaction as well as reinforcing and rebuilding links in the community. Accordingly, we employ some substantial changes to the established format intending for significant added value for in-person participation: Rather than spreading the attendance throughout an entire week, we condense DATE to three days – and make them count! Furthermore, the vast majority of regular papers will be presented in a renewed format of technical sessions focussing on live interactions (in addition to the common full-length presentations available before, during and after the conference by video). By this, we make sure that the community can actually do what conferences are for: meeting, discussing and exchanging.

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