W04 3rd Workshop Open-Source Design Automation (OSDA 2023)

Monday, 17 April 2023 09:00
Wednesday, 19 April 2023 18:00
Important Dates
    Submission Deadline (extended)
        Camera-Ready final version due
        Christian Krieg, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Austria
        Claire Xenia Wolf, YosysHQ, Austria
        Andrea Borga, oliscience, Netherlands

        OSDA intends to provide an avenue for industry, academics, and hobbyists to collaborate, network, and share their latest visions and open-source contributions, with a view to promoting reproducibility and re-usability in the design automation space.  DATE provides the ideal venue to reach this audience since it is the flagship European conference in this field -- particularly poignant due to the recent efforts across the European Union (and beyond) that mandate “open access” for publicly funded research to both published manuscripts as well as software code necessary for reproducing its conclusions.

        We invited authors of major tools and flows to talk about their recent activities to promote open-source hardware, and open-source design automation. Below you will find the list of speakers who kindly accepted our invitation already. The list is not yet complete, so hang on and watch out for updates!

        The list is given in alphabetical order.

        • Andrew Kahng (OpenROAD), University of California San Diego, USA
        • Antonino Tumeo (SO(DA)), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), USA
        • Claire Xenia Wolf (Yosys), YosysHQ, Austria
        • Jean-Paul Chaput (Coriolis2), Sorbonne Université, France
        • Jim Lewis (OSVVM), SynthWorks, USA
        • Larry Doolittle (vhd2vl), Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, USA
        • Matthew Guthaus (OpenRAM), University of California Santa Cruz, USA
        • Myrtle Shah (nextpnr, FABulous), Heidelberg University, Germany
        • Rishiyur Nikhil (Bluespec), Bluespec Inc., USA
        • Tim Edwards (QFlow), Open Circuit Design, USA
        • Tristan Gingold (GHDL), CERN, Switzerland
        • Tsung-Wei Huang (OpenTimer, TaskFlow), University of Utah, USA

        A secondary objective of this workshop is to provide a peer-reviewed forum for researchers to publish “enabling” technology such as infrastructure or tooling as open-source contributions -- standalone technology that would not normally be regarded as novel by traditional conferences -- such that others inside and outside of academia may build upon it.

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