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Carl Philipp Hohl

Step-UP!CPS - Software methods and technologies for modular updates of Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are systems that interact independently (highly automated or autonomous) with their environment. They perform important planning and control tasks in safety-critical applications such as automated and autonomous driving, networked production facilities or autonomous shipping. However, the conditions under which these systems perform their tasks can change throughout their life cycle. Therefore, the continuous updating, adaptation and expansion of these systems is of central importance. Future systems must be designed in such a way that improvements can be introduced promptly without the operational safety of the overall system being compromised.
The BMBF-funded project Step-Up!CPS focuses on the development of safety critical CPS to allow updates, adaptations and improvements while ensuring safe and secure operations.
This includes entire product lines with a high number of variants that require updates after commissioning. By proactively determining, ideally before a critical error occurs, that updates are necessary and which system components need to be updated, critical system processes can be safeguarded. To demonstrate broad applicability, the established concepts will be prototypically implemented and tested in the automotive, maritime and industry domains.