DATE 2021 became a virtual conference due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic (click here for more details)

Taking into consideration the continued erratic development of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying restrictions of worldwide travelling as well as the safety and health of the DATE community, the Organizing Committees decided to host DATE 2021 as a virtual conference in early February 2021. Unfortunately, the current situation does not allow a face-to-face conference in Grenoble, France.

The Organizing Committees are working intensively to create a virtual conference that gives as much of a real conference atmosphere as possible.


Contact Person
Prof. Said Hamdioui

Technische Universiteit Delft/ Department of Computer Engineering
Mekelweg 4
2628CD Delft

MNEMOSENE is an ambitious Research and Innovation Action addressing the theme "Development of new approaches to scale functional performance of information processing and storage substantially beyond the state-of-the-art technologies with a focus on ultra-low power and high performance" of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 ICT research and innovation programme.

MNEMOSENE will focus on the development, design and demonstration of a Computation-In-Memory (CIM) architecture based on extending arrays of non-volatile resistive switching devices (memristors) with logic functionality inside or around the cell array. CIM architectures allow integration of information processing and storage at the same physical location, having the potential to (a) eliminate the communication and memory bottleneck, (b) support massive parallelism to increase the overall performance, (c) drastically enhance energy efficiency, and (d) be cheaper to manufacture. Development of such a radically innovative computing architecture will be a real breakthrough, enabling the solution of many computational problems in minutes rather than days at affordable energy and cost, resulting in orders of magnitude increase in performance.

Coordinated by Delft Technical University (NL), the project consortium includes eight other partners from six different countries:  Eindhoven University of Technology and IMEC (NL), ETH Zurich and IBM Research – Zurich (CH), Arm (UK), RWTH Aachen University (DE), INRIA (FR) and Intelligentsia Consultants (LU).

The MNEMOSENE Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 780215.