ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs

ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs
Contact Person
Maria Roca, Senior Project Manager

Project Coordinator: FundingBox Accelerator
l. Jerozolimskie 136, floor 17
02-305 Warsaw

I4MS is an initiative funded by the European Commission since 2013 that aims to improve the competitiveness of SMEs through the digitalisation of their processes, products and services.

I4MS will offer 35 million euros via open calls to manufacturing SMEs to get technological and financial support to conduct experiments testing digital innovations in their business operations. The main goal of I4MS is to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing SMEs by facilitating access to digital technologies and training opportunities to adapt their workforce to current challenges.    

 I4MS Phase 4 cover five crucial technological areas: 1. Smart modelling, simulation, and optimization for digital twins; 2. Laser based equipment in advanced and additive manufacturing; 3. Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing; 4. Cognitive autonomous systems and human-robot interaction and 5. Widening Digital Innovation Hubs. All funding opportunities are accessible here.

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In I4MS has created an online community with content of special relevance to technology companies and those seeking funding to introduce new technologies. We have also developed a Catalogue of trainings that includes online and offline courses offered by DIHs and other public entities in the technological areas of I4MS (AI, digital twins, simulation, robotics, laser and additive manufacturing).