DATE is pleased to present a special hybrid format for its 2022 event, as the situation related to COVID-19 is improving but safety measures and restrictions will remain uncertain for the upcoming months across Europe and worldwide. In transition towards a future post-pandemic event again, DATE 2022 will host a two-day live event in presence in the city of Antwerp (just north of Brussels in Belgium), to bring the community together again, followed by other activities carried out entirely online in the subsequent days. This setup combines the in-presence experience with the opportunities of on-line activities, fostering the networking and social interactions around an interesting program of selected talks and panels on emerging topics to complement the traditional DATE high-quality scientific, technical and educational activities.

DATE 2021 Early Author Notification

The accepted papers at DATE 2021 are listed below. Detailed information follow in the next days

Paper ID Paper Title Status
1003 RAISE: A Resistive Accelerator for Subject-Independent EEG Signal Classification Interactive Presentation (IP)
1005 Analyzing ARM CoreSight ETMv4.x Data Trace Stream with a Real-time Hardware Accelerator Interactive Presentation (IP)
1006 Accelerating Fully Spectral CNNs with Adaptive Activation Functions on FPGA Regular Presentation
1010 MARVEL: A Vertical Resistive Accelerator for Low-Power Deep Learning Inference in Monolithic 3D Regular Presentation
1011 Process-Portable and Programmable Layout Generation of Digital Circuits in Advanced DRAM Technologies Regular Presentation
1017 Fan-out of 2 Triangle Shape Spin Wave Logic Gates Regular Presentation
1022 A GPU-enabled Level-Set Method for Mask Optimization Interactive Presentation (IP)
1023 SPRITE: Sparsity-Aware Neural Processing Unit with Constant Probability of Index-Matching Interactive Presentation (IP)
1032 An Improved STBP for Training High-Accuracy and Low-Spike-Count Spiking Neural Networks Regular Presentation
1033 Dynamic Ternary Content-Addressable Memory Is Indeed Promising: Design and Benchmarking Using Nanoelectromechanical Relays Interactive Presentation (IP)
1034 An Event-Driven System-Level Noise Analysis Methodology for RF Systems Regular Presentation
1038 HeteroKV: A Scalable Line-rate Key-Value Store on Heterogeneous CPU-FPGA Platforms Interactive Presentation (IP)
1040 Characterizing and Optimizing EDA Flows for the Cloud Interactive Presentation (IP)
1041 Training Deep Neural Networks in 8-Bit Fixed Point with Dynamic Shared Exponent Management Regular Presentation
1042 SpinLiM: Spin Orbit Torque Memory for Ternary Neural Networks Based on the Logic-in-Memory Architecture Regular Presentation
1043 Approximate Computation of Post-synaptic Spikes Reduces Bandwidth to Synaptic Storage in a Model of Cortex Interactive Presentation (IP)
1044 Improving the Energy Efficiency of STT-MRAM Based Approximate Cache Regular Presentation
1045 Digital Test of ZigBee Transmitters: Validation in Industrial Test Environment Regular Presentation
1047 Real-Time Detection and Localization of Denial-of-Service Attacks in Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks Regular Presentation
1048 Enhancements of Model and Method in Lithography Hotspot Identification Regular Presentation
1054 Tiny-CFA: A Minimalistic Approach for Control Flow Attestation Using Verified Proofs of Execution Regular Presentation
1055 SqueezeLight: Towards Scalable Optical Neural Networks with Multi-Operand Ring Resonators Regular Presentation
1056 RTL Design Framework for Embedded Processor by Using C++ Description Interactive Presentation (IP)
1057 O2NN: Optical Neural Networks with Differential Detection-Enabled Optical Operands Regular Presentation
1059 Receptive-Field and Switch-Matrices Based ReRAM Accelerator with Low Digital-Analog Conversion for CNNs Interactive Presentation (IP)
1065 Characterization and Fault Modeling of Intermediate State Defects in STT-MRAM Regular Presentation
1066 HeSA: Heterogeneous Systolic Array Architecture for Compact CNNs Hardware Accelerators Regular Presentation
1077 A Framework for Efficient and Binary Clustering in High-Dimensional Space Regular Presentation
1078 OnlineHD: Robust, Efficient, and Single-Pass Online Learning Using Hyperdimensional System Regular Presentation
1079 Data-Driven Electrostatics Analysis Based on Physics-Constrained Deep Learning Regular Presentation
1080 Automated Synthesis of Predictable and High-Performance Cache Coherence Protocols Regular Presentation
1081 TruLook: A Framework for Configurable GPU Approximation Interactive Presentation (IP)
1087 TiVaPRoMi: Time-Varying Probabilistic Row-Hammer Mitigation Regular Presentation
1094 FPGA Architectures for Approximate Dense SLAM Computing Regular Presentation
1095 Post Silicon Validation of the MMU Regular Presentation
1098 ICP and IC3 Regular Presentation
1100 Understanding Power Consumption and Reliability of High-Bandwidth Memory with Voltage Underscaling Regular Presentation
1103 Thermal-Aware Design and Management of Embedded Real-Time Systems Interactive Presentation (IP)
1112 Feeding Three Birds with One Scone: A Generic Duplication Based Countermeasure to Fault Attacks Interactive Presentation (IP)
1118 A Runtime Reconfigurable Design of Compute-in-Memory Based Hardware Accelerator Regular Presentation
1122 Knowledge Distillation and Gradient Estimation for Active Error Compensation in Approximate Neural Networks Regular Presentation
1124 Verifying the Conformance of a Driver Implementation to the VirtIO Specification Regular Presentation
1127 Improving the Timing Behaviour of Mixed-Criticality Systems Using Chebyshev's Theorem Regular Presentation
1129 A Video-based Fall Detection Network by Spatio-temporal Joint-point Model on Edge Devices Regular Presentation
1132 Running Efficiently CNNs on the Edge Thanks to Hybrid SRAM-RRAM In-Memory Computing Regular Presentation
1137 A Learning-Based Methodology for Accelerating Cell-Aware Model Generation Regular Presentation
1142 Parasitic-Aware Analog Circuit Sizing with Graph Neural Networks and Bayesian Optimization Regular Presentation
1153 Watermarking of Behavioral IPs: A Practical Approach Regular Presentation
1155 Locking the Re-usability of Behavioral IPs: Discriminating the Search Space through Partial Encryptions Interactive Presentation (IP)
1163 MG-DmDSE: Multi-Granularity Domain Design Space Exploration Considering Function Similarity Regular Presentation
1167 An Efficient Yield Estimation Method for Layouts of High Dimensional and High Sigma SRAM Arrays Regular Presentation
1168 Joint Sparsity with Mixed Granularity for Efficient GPU Implementation Interactive Presentation (IP)
1169 LAP: A Lightweight Automata Processor for Pattern Matching Tasks Regular Presentation
1173 Autosymmetry of Incompletely Specified Functions Regular Presentation
1177 TRIGON: A Single-phase-clocking Low Power Hardened Flip-Flop with Tolerance to Double-Node-Upset for Harsh Environments Applications Regular Presentation
1178 An On-chip Layer-wise Training Method for RRAM Based Computing-in-memory Chips Interactive Presentation (IP)
1182 Blender: A Traffic-Aware Container Placement for Containerized Data Centers Interactive Presentation (IP)
1188 COMPACT: Flow-Based Computing on Nanoscale Crossbars with Minimal Semiperimeter Regular Presentation
1191 Generating Layouts of Standard Cells by Implicit Learning on Design Rules for Advanced Processes Regular Presentation
1193 Parametric Throughput Oriented Large Integer Multipliers for High Level Synthesis Interactive Presentation (IP)
1196 Morphable Convolutional Neural Network for Biomedical Image Segmentation Interactive Presentation (IP)
1199 Speeding up MUX-FSM Based Stochastic Computing for On-device Neural Networks Interactive Presentation (IP)
1201 Leveraging Processor Modeling and Verification for General Hardware Modules Regular Presentation
1204 PATRON: A Pragmatic Approach for Encoding Laser Fault Injection Resistant FSMs Regular Presentation
1207 Value Similarity Extensions for Approximate Computing in General-Purpose Processors Regular Presentation
1209 PiPoMonitor: Mitigating Cross-core Cache Attacks Using the Auto-Cuckoo Filter Regular Presentation
1210 SW-WAL: Leveraging Address Remapping of SSDs to Achieve Single-Write Write-Ahead Logging Regular Presentation
1215 Critical Path Isolation and Bit-Width Scaling Are Highly Compatible for Voltage Over-Scalable Design Regular Presentation
1226 A Low-Cost FSM-based Bit-Stream Generator for Low-Discrepancy Stochastic Computing Regular Presentation
1232 HSCoNAS: Hardware-Software Co-Design of Efficient DNNs via Neural Architecture Search Interactive Presentation (IP)
1249 An Efficient Programming Framework for Memristor-based Neuromorphic Computing Regular Presentation
1252 Modeling of Threshold Voltage Distribution in 3D NAND Flash Memory Interactive Presentation (IP)
1254 Subgraph Decoupling and Rescheduling for Increased Utilization in CGRA Architecture Regular Presentation
1255 Workload- and User-aware Battery Lifetime Management for Mobile SoCs Regular Presentation
1262 ALIFRouter: A Practical Architecture-Level Inter-FPGA Router for Logic Verification Interactive Presentation (IP)
1268 Scalar Replacement in the Presence of Multiple Write Accesses for Accelerator Design with High-level Synthesis Regular Presentation
1271 Correlated Multi-objective Multi-fidelity Optimization for HLS Directives Design Regular Presentation
1273 Deep Neural Network Hardware Deployment Optimization via Advanced Active Learning Regular Presentation
1278 Timing-Driven Placement for FPGAs with Heterogeneous Architectures and Clock Constraints Regular Presentation
1279 A Reconfigurable Multiple-Precision Floating-Point Dot Product Unit for High-Performance Computing Regular Presentation
1283 NoC Performance Model for Efficient Network Latency Estimation Regular Presentation
1285 In-Memory Nearest Neighbor Search with FeFET Multi-Bit Content-Addressable Memories Regular Presentation
1287 Securing Deep Spiking Neural Networks against Adversarial Attacks through Inherent Structural Parameters Regular Presentation
1290 Global Placement with Deep Learning-Enabled Explicit Routability Optimization Interactive Presentation (IP)
1291 vProfile: Voltage-Based Anomaly Detection in Controller Area Networks Regular Presentation
1295 HyDREA: Towards More Robust and Efficient Machine Learning Systems with Hyperdimensional Computing Regular Presentation
1297 Hybrid Analog-Spiking Long Short-Term Memory for Energy Efficient Computing on Edge Devices Regular Presentation
1301 SRAM Arrays with Built-in Parity Computation for Real-Time Error Detection in Cache Tag Arrays Regular Presentation
1302 GNNUnlock: Graph Neural Networks-based Oracle-less Unlocking Scheme for Provably Secure Logic Locking Regular Presentation
1304 Towards Non-intrusive Malware Detection for Industrial Control Systems Interactive Presentation (IP)
1307 Modeling and Analysis for Energy-Driven Computing Using Statistical Model-Checking Regular Presentation
1319 A FeRAM Based Volatile/Non-volatile Dual-mode Buffer Memory for Deep Neural Network Training Regular Presentation
1324 A Model-based Design Flow for Asynchronous Implementations from Synchronous Specifications Regular Presentation
1327 Efficient Identification of Critical Faults in Memristor Crossbars for Deep Neural Networks Interactive Presentation (IP)
1328 Block Attribute-aware Data Reallocation to Alleviate Read Disturb in SSDs Interactive Presentation (IP)
1329 Sequential Logic Encryption against Model Checking Attack Interactive Presentation (IP)
1332 Efficient Hardware-assisted Out-place Update for Persistent Memory Regular Presentation
1333 SC4MEC: Automated Implementation of a Secure Hierarchical Calculus for Mobile Edge Computing Interactive Presentation (IP)
1334 Asynchronous Reinforcement Learning Framework for Net Order Exploration in Detailed Routing Regular Presentation
1336 LSP: Collective Cross-Page Prefetching for NVM Regular Presentation
1342 Thermal Comfort Aware Online Energy Management Framework for a Smart Residential Building Interactive Presentation (IP)
1348 Making Obfuscated PUFs Secure against Power Side-Channel Based Modeling Attacks Regular Presentation
1351 Reliability-Driven Neuromorphic Computing Systems Design Regular Presentation
1352 OR-ML: Enhancing Reliability for Machine Learning Accelerator with Opportunistic Redundancy Interactive Presentation (IP)
1353 A Quantization Framework for Neural Network Adaption at the Edge Regular Presentation
1354 Technology Lookup Table Based Default Timing Assertions for Hierarchical Timing Closure Regular Presentation
1355 ReGraphX: NoC-enabled 3D Heterogeneous ReRAM Architecture for Training Graph Neural Networks Regular Presentation
1358 Runtime Fault Injection Detection for FPGA-based DNN Execution Using Siamese Path Verification Interactive Presentation (IP)
1361 SealPK: Sealable Protection Keys for RISC-V Interactive Presentation (IP)
1369 Neighbor Oblivious Learning(NObLe) for Device Localization and Tracking Interactive Presentation (IP)
1376 Intermittent Computing with Efficient State Backup by Asynchronous DMA Regular Presentation
1378 Surviving Transient Power Failures with SRAM Data Retention Regular Presentation
1379 Virtual Gang Scheduling of Parallel Real-Time Tasks Regular Presentation
1380 Approach to Improve the Performance Using Bit-level Sparsity in Neural Networks Regular Presentation
1381 ManiHD: Efficient Hyper-Dimensional Learning Using Manifold Trainable Encoder Regular Presentation
1386 GOMIL: Global Optimization of Multiplier by Integer Linear Programming Regular Presentation
1387 Risk-Aware Cost-Effective Design Methodology for Integrated Circuit Locking Interactive Presentation (IP)
1389 Machine Learning Framework for Early Routability Prediction with Artificial Netlist Generator Regular Presentation
1394 Timing Debugging for Cyber-Physical Systems Regular Presentation
1396 Fault-Criticality Assessment for AI Accelerators Using Graph Convolutional Networks Interactive Presentation (IP)
1397 Modeling Silicon-Photonic Neural Networks under Uncertainties Interactive Presentation (IP)
1399 Forseti: An Efficient Basic-block-level Sensitivity Analysis Framework towards Multi-bit Faults Interactive Presentation (IP)
1401 Neuron Fault Tolerance in Spiking Neural Networks Regular Presentation
1404 CHITIN: A Comprehensive In-thread InstructionReplication Technique against Transient Faults Regular Presentation
1413 Verifying Dividers Using Symbolic Computer Algebra and Don't Care Optimization Regular Presentation
1416 Power Reduction of a Set-Associative Instruction Cache Using a Dynamic Early Tag Lookup Interactive Presentation (IP)
1419 A Case for Emerging Memories in DNN Accelerators Interactive Presentation (IP)
1421 Compilation Flow for Classically Defined Quantum Operations Interactive Presentation (IP)
1426 A GPU-accelerated Deep Stereo-LiDAR Fusion for Real-time High-precision Dense Depth Sensing Regular Presentation
1427 RADAR: Run-time Adversarial Weight Attack Detection and Accuracy Recovery Regular Presentation
1428 MUX Granularity-Oriented Iterative Technology Mapping for Implementing Compute-Intensive Applications on Via-Switch FPGA Regular Presentation
1432 Empirical Evidence for MPSoCs in Critical Systems: The Case of NXP’s T2080 Cache Coherence Interactive Presentation (IP)
1433 FTApprox: A Fault-Tolerant Approximate Arithmetic Computing Data Format Interactive Presentation (IP)
1434 Mapping Binary ResNets on Computing-In-Memory Hardware with Low-bit ADCs Regular Presentation
1436 Exploring Deep Learning for In-Field Fault Detection in Microprocessors Interactive Presentation (IP)
1437 Automatic Scalable System for the Coverage Directed Generation (CDG) Problem Regular Presentation
1444 AURORA: Automated Refinement of Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Accelerators Regular Presentation
1446 Opportunistic IP Birthmarking Using Side Effects of Code Transformations on High-Level Synthesis Interactive Presentation (IP)
1447 Estimation of Linux Kernel Execution Path Uncertainty for Safety Software Test Coverage Regular Presentation
1448 Posit Arithmetic for the Training and Deployment of Generative Adversarial Networks Regular Presentation
1449 HiMap: Fast and Scalable High-Quality Mapping on CGRA via Hierarchical Abstraction Regular Presentation
1451 M2H: Optimizing F2FS via Multi-log Delayed Writing and Modified Segment Cleaning Based on Dynamically Identified Hotness Interactive Presentation (IP)
1453 Triple Fixed-Point MAC Unit for Deep Learning Interactive Presentation (IP)
1459 As Accurate as Needed, as Efficient as Possible: Approximations in DD-based Quantum Circuit Simulation Regular Presentation
1462 A Containerized ROS-compliant Verification Environment for Robotic Systems Interactive Presentation (IP)
1463 FuSeConv: Fully Separable Convolutions for Fast Inference on Systolic Arrays Regular Presentation
1470 Combining SWAPs and Remote Toffoli Gates in the Mapping to IBM QX Architectures Regular Presentation
1472 Efficient Tensor Cores Support in TVM for Low-Latency Deep Learning Interactive Presentation (IP)
1475 MDARTS: Multi-objective Differentiable Neural Architecture Search Regular Presentation
1476 MAVIREC: ML-Aided Vectored IR-Drop Estimation and Classification Interactive Presentation (IP)
1478 Energy-Aware Designs of Ferroelectric Ternary Content Addressable Memory Regular Presentation
1489 A 1D-CRNN Inspired Reconfigurable Processor for Noise-robust Low-power Keywords Recognition Regular Presentation
1491 HOST: HLS Obfuscations against SMT ATtack Regular Presentation
1493 Synthesis of SI Circuits from Burst-Mode Specifications Interactive Presentation (IP)
1494 Blind Side-Channel SIFA Regular Presentation
1497 Online Latency Monitoring of Time-sensitive Event Chains in Safety-critical Applications Interactive Presentation (IP)
1503 Preserving Self-Duality During Logic Synthesis for Emerging Reconfigurable Nanotechnologies Regular Presentation
1504 Cost- and Dataset-free Stuck-at Fault Mitigation for ReRAM-based Deep Learning Accelerators Regular Presentation
1505 NP-CGRA: Extending CGRAs for Efficient Processing of Light-weight Deep Neural Networks Regular Presentation
1507 Hardware Acceleration of Fully Quantized BERT for Efficient Natural Language Processing Interactive Presentation (IP)
1513 Optimized Multi-Memristor Model Based Low Energy and Resilient Current-Mode Multiplier Design Interactive Presentation (IP)
1516 TAP-2.5D: A Thermally-Aware Chiplet Placement Methodology for 2.5D Systems Regular Presentation
1520 Margin-Maximization in Binarized Neural Networks for Optimizing Bit Error Tolerance Regular Presentation
1522 Reducing Memory Access Conflicts with Loop Transformation and Data Reuse on Coarse-grained Reconfigurable Architecture Regular Presentation
1523 HTnet: Transfer Learning for Golden Chip-Free Hardware Trojan Detection Regular Presentation
1525 Analyzing Memory Interference of FPGA Accelerators on Multicore Hosts in Heterogeneous Reconfigurable SoCs Interactive Presentation (IP)
1529 Seclusive Cache Hierarchy for Mitigating Cross-Core Cache and Coherence Directory Attacks Interactive Presentation (IP)
1530 Double DQN for Chip-Level Synthesis of Paper-Based Digital Microfluidic Biochips Interactive Presentation (IP)
1533 Digital Offset for RRAM-based Neuromorphic Computing: A Novel Solution to Conquer Cycle-to-cycle Variation Regular Presentation
1534 Towards a Firmware TPM on RISC-V Interactive Presentation (IP)
1535 Scramble Cache: An Efficient Cache Architecture for Randomized Set Permutation Regular Presentation
1539 Formal Synthesis of Adaptive Droplet Routing for MEDA Biochips Regular Presentation
1540 Library-free Structure Recognition for Analog Circuits Regular Presentation
1541 Modeling, Implementation, and Analysis of XRCE-DDS Applications in Distributed Multi-processor Real-time Embedded Systems Interactive Presentation (IP)
1544 Testing Resistive Memory Based Neuromorphic Architectures Using Reference Trimming Interactive Presentation (IP)
1558 Hardware-Software Codesign of Weight Reshaping and Systolic Array Multiplexing for Efficient CNNs Regular Presentation
1561 Fa-SAT: Fault-aided SAT-based Attack on Compound Logic Locking Techniques Regular Presentation
1565 Reliability-Aware Quantization for Anti-Aging NPUs Regular Presentation
1567 WISER: Deep Neural Network Weight-bit Inversion for State Error Reduction in MLC NAND Flash Interactive Presentation (IP)
1570 Origin: Enabling On-Device Intelligence for Human Activity Recognition Using Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks Regular Presentation
1579 Stochastic Quantum Circuit Simulation Using Decision Diagrams Regular Presentation
1580 Towards AQFP-Capable Physical Design Automation Regular Presentation
1584 Memory Hierarchy Calibration Based on Real Hardware In-order Cores for Accurate Simulation Interactive Presentation (IP)
1590 Generic Sample Preparation for Different Microfluidic Platforms Interactive Presentation (IP)
1592 Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network-based Power Forecasting of Multi-Core Processors Regular Presentation
1594 Circuit Models for the Co-simulation of Superconducting Quantum Computing Systems Regular Presentation
1597 PTierDB: Building Better Read-Write Cost Balanced Key-Value Stores for Small Data on SSD Regular Presentation
1609 Side-channel Attack on Rainbow Post-quantum Signature Interactive Presentation (IP)
1610 Grinch: A Cache Attack against GIFT Lightweight Cipher Regular Presentation
1624 WavePro 2.0: Signoff-Quality Implementation and Validation of Energy-Efficient Clock-Less Wave Propagated Pipelining Regular Presentation
1628 Exploring Micro-architectural Side-channel Leakages through Statistical Testing Interactive Presentation (IP)
1643 Towards Automatic Design and Verification for Level 3 of the European Train Control System Regular Presentation
1645 A Low-cost BLE-based Distance Estimation, Occupancy Detection, and Counting System Interactive Presentation (IP)
1650 A Hybrid Adaptive Strategy for Task Allocation and Scheduling for Multi-applications on NoC-based Multicore Systems with Resource Sharing Interactive Presentation (IP)
1657 BloomCA: A Memory Efficient Reservoir Computing Hardware Implementation Using Cellular Automata and Ensemble Bloom Filter Interactive Presentation (IP)
1658 FlyDVS: An Event-Driven Wireless Ultra-Low Power Visual Sensor Node Interactive Presentation (IP)
1670 Response Time Analysis of Lazy Round Robin Regular Presentation
1673 Formulation of Design Space Exploration Problems by Composable Design Space Identification Interactive Presentation (IP)
1676 Approximate Logic Synthesis of Very Large Boolean Networks Regular Presentation
1685 Workload-Aware Approximate Computing Configuration Regular Presentation
1687 Modeling and Optimization of SRAM-based In-Memory Computing Hardware Design Regular Presentation
1696 Leveraging Bayesian Optimization to Speed up Automatic Precision Tuning Regular Presentation
1700 DNN-Life: An Energy-Efficient Aging Mitigation Framework for Improving the Lifetime of On-Chip Weight Memories in Deep Neural Network Hardware Architectures Regular Presentation
1701 Performance-driven Routing Methodology with Incremental Placement Refinement for Analog Layout Design Regular Presentation
1702 Density Enhancement of RRAMs Using a RESET Write Termination for MLC Operation Interactive Presentation (IP)
1720 SPPS: Secure Policy-based Publish/Subscribe System for v2C Communication Regular Presentation
1725 Sim²PIM: A Fast Method for Simulating Host Independent & PIM Agnostic Designs Regular Presentation
1727 GLAIVE: Graph Learning Assisted Instruction Vulnerability Estimation Regular Presentation
1731 Activation Density Based Mixed-Precision Quantization for Energy Efficient Neural Networks Regular Presentation
1736 Efficient Resource Management of Clustered Multi-Processor Systems through Formal Property Exploration Regular Presentation
1740 Adaptive-Learning Based Building Load Prediction for Microgrid Economic Dispatch Interactive Presentation (IP)
1744 Dataflow Restructuring for Active Memory Reduction in Deep Neural Networks Regular Presentation
1750 A Fairness Conscious Cache Replacement Policy for Last Level Cache Regular Presentation
1751 Operating beyond FPGA Tool Limitations: Nervous Systems for Embedded Runtime Management Interactive Presentation (IP)
1752 Performance Analysis and Auto-tuning for SPARK In-memory Analytics Regular Presentation
1753 Identification of Hardware Devices Based on Sensors and Switching Activity: A Preliminary Study Interactive Presentation (IP)
1756 Real-time Private Membership Test Using Homomorphic Encryption Regular Presentation
1764 A Hardware Accelerator for Polynomial Multiplication Operation of CRYSTALS-KYBER PQC Scheme Regular Presentation
1769 Source Code Classification for Energy Efficiency in Parallel Ultra Low-Power Microcontrollers Regular Presentation
1770 HyGraph: Accelerating Graph Processing with Hybrid Memory-centric Computing Regular Presentation
1778 Low-Latency Asynchronous Logic Design for Inference at the Edge Interactive Presentation (IP)
1782 RISC-V for Real-time MCUs - Software Optimization and Microarchitectural Gap Analysis Interactive Presentation (IP)
1784 Paired Training Framework for Time-Constrained Learning Regular Presentation
1786 TinyADC: Peripheral Circuit-aware Weight Pruning Framework for Mixed-signal DNN Accelerators Regular Presentation
1788 Exact Physical Design of Quantum Circuits for Ion-Trap-based Quantum Architectures Regular Presentation
1790 A Differential Aging Sensor to Detect Recycled ICs Using Sub-threshold Leakage Current Interactive Presentation (IP)
1791 Efficient AUTOSAR-Compliant CAN-FD Frame Packing with Observed Optimality Regular Presentation
1792 Printed Stochastic Computing Neural Networks Regular Presentation
1794 Adaptive Generative Modeling in Resource-Constrained Environments Regular Presentation
1795 AxPIKE: Instruction-level Injection and Evaluation of Approximate Computing Interactive Presentation (IP)
1799 Exploiting Secrets by Leveraging Dynamic Cache Partitioning of Last Level Cache Regular Presentation
1801 Device- and Temperature Dependency of Systematic Fault Injection Results in Artix-7 and iCE40 FPGAs Regular Presentation
1807 MemPool: A Shared-L1 Memory Many-Core Cluster with a Low-Latency Interconnect Regular Presentation
1812 Malicious Routing: Circumventing Bitstream-level Verification for FPGAs Regular Presentation
1815 tiny-HD: Ultra-Efficient Hyperdimensional Computing Engine for IoT Applications Regular Presentation
1819 FPGA Acceleration of Protein Back-Translation and Alignment Regular Presentation
1823 Constructive Use of Process Variations: Reconfigurable and High-Resolution Delay-Line Interactive Presentation (IP)
1827 Adaptive Design of Real-Time Control Systems Subject to Sporadic Overruns Regular Presentation
1829 Common-Centroid Layouts for Analog Circuits: Advantages and Limitations Regular Presentation
1833 Microarchitectural Timing Channels and Their Prevention on an Open-Source 64-Bit RISC-V Core Regular Presentation
1835 Optimizing Binary Decision Diagrams for Interpretable Machine Learning Classification Interactive Presentation (IP)
1837 Analog Layout Generation Using Optimized Primitives Regular Presentation
1842 Indirection Stream Semantic Register Architecture for Efficient Sparse-Dense Linear Algebra Regular Presentation
1846 Comparison of GPU Computing Methodologies for Safety-Critical Systems: An Avionics Case Study Regular Presentation
1849 GNN4TJ: Graph Neural Networks for Hardware Trojan Detection at Register Transfer Level Regular Presentation
1853 An Effective Methodology for Integrating Concolic Testing with SystemC-based Virtual Prototypes Interactive Presentation (IP)
1854 A Cognitive SAT to SAT-Hard Clause Translation-based Logic Obfuscation Regular Presentation
1859 Towards Automated Detection of Higher-Order Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities in Embedded Devices Interactive Presentation (IP)
1861 CMRC: Comprehensive Microarchitectural Register Coalescing for GPGPUs Regular Presentation
1863 NetCut: Real-Time DNN Inference Using Layer Removal Regular Presentation
1867 Prediction of Thermal Hazards in a Real Datacenter Room Using Temporal Convolutional Networks Interactive Presentation (IP)
1869 Duetto: Latency Guarantees at Minimal Performance Cost Regular Presentation
1874 Flexible Cache Partitioning for Multi-Mode Real-Time Systems Regular Presentation
1876 MLComp: A Methodology for Machine Learning-based Performance Estimation and Adaptive Selection of Pareto-Optimal Compiler Optimization Sequences Regular Presentation
1889 FAST: A Fast Automatic Sweeping Topology Customization Method for Application-Specific Wavelength-Routed Optical NoCs Regular Presentation
1900 A 3-D LUT Design for Transient Error DetectionVia Inter-Tier In-Silicon Radiation Sensor Regular Presentation
1904 A Deep Learning Approach of Sensor Fusion Inference at the Edge Regular Presentation
1906 Stealthy Logic Misuse for Power Analysis Attacks in Multi-Tenant FPGAs Interactive Presentation (IP)
1910 AVRNTRU: Lightweight NTRU-based Post-Quantum Cryptography for 8-Bit AVR Microcontrollers Regular Presentation
1913 Resolution-Aware Deep Multi-View Camera Systems Interactive Presentation (IP)
1916 QSLC: Quantization-Based, Low-Error Selective Approximation for GPUs Regular Presentation
1920 PLEDGER: Embedded Whole Genome Read Mapping Using Algorithm-HW Co-design and Memory-aware Implementation Interactive Presentation (IP)
1926 Hardware Redaction via Designer-Directed Fine-Grained Soft eFPGA Insertion Regular Presentation
1933 System Level Verification of Phase-Locked Loop Using Metamorphic Relations Interactive Presentation (IP)
1935 Automated Masking of Software Implementations on Industrial Microcontrollers Regular Presentation
1942 Enhanced Detection Range for EM Side-channel Attack Probes Utilizing Co-planar Capacitive Asymmetry Sensing Interactive Presentation (IP)
1943 Implementation of a MEMS Resonator-based Digital to Frequency Converter Using Artificial Neural Networks Interactive Presentation (IP)
1945 OpenSerDes: An Open Source Process-Portable All-Digital Serial Link Regular Presentation
1953 A 93 TOPS/Watt Near-Memory Reconfigureable SAD Accelerator for HEVC/AV1/JEM Encoding Interactive Presentation (IP)
1960 GEO: Generation and Execution Optimized Stochastic Computing Accelerator for Neural Networks Regular Presentation
1965 In-Memory Computing Based Accelerator for Transformer Networks for Long Sequences Regular Presentation
1969 Fuzzy-Token: An Adaptive MAC Protocol for Wireless-Enabled Manycores Regular Presentation
1974 An Adaptive Framework for Oversubscription Management in CPU-GPU Unified Memory Regular Presentation
1978 BOFT: Exploitable Buffer Overflow Detection by Information Flow Tracking Interactive Presentation (IP)
1980 Automated Software Compiler Techniques to Provide Fault Tolerance for Real-Time Operating Systems Interactive Presentation (IP)
1981 FeFET and NCFET for Future Neural Networks: Visions and Opportunities Special Session Presentation
1982 Exploiting FeFETs via Cross-Layer Design from In-memory Computing Circuits to Meta Learning Applications Special Session Presentation
1983 Future Computing Platform Design: A Cross-Layer Design Approach Special Session Presentation
1984 Intelligent Architectures for Intelligent Computing Systems Special Session Presentation
1985 Logic Synthesis Meets Machine Learning: Trading Exactness for Generalization Special Session Presentation
1986 Logic Synthesis for Generalization and Learning Addition Special Session Presentation
1987 ESPRESSO-GPU: Blazingly Fast Two-Level Logic Minimization Special Session Presentation
1988 LogicNets: Co-Designed Neural Networks and Circuits for Extreme-Throughput Applications Special Session Presentation
1989 Efficiency-driven Hardware Optimization for Adversarially Robust Neural Networks Special Session Presentation
1990 Compute-in-Memory Upside Down: A Learning Operator Co-Design Perspective for Scalability Special Session Presentation
1991 Reliable Edge Intelligence in Unreliable Environment Special Session Presentation
1992 Exploring Spike-Based Learning for Neuromorphic Computing: Prospects and Perspectives Special Session Presentation
1993 Mission Specification and Execution of Multidrone Systems Special Session Presentation
1994 Perception Computing-Aware Controller Synthesis for Autonomous Systems Special Session Presentation
1995 Closed-loop Approach to Perception in Autonomous System Special Session Presentation
1996 Computing for Control and Control for Computing Special Session Presentation
1997 Towards Scalable Quantum Computing Special Session Presentation
1998 Quantum Computing with CMOS Technology Special Session Presentation
1999 Structured Optimized Architecting of Full-Stack Quantum Systems in the NISQ Era Special Session Presentation
2000 Visualizing Decision Diagrams for Quantum Computing Special Session Presentation
2001 Understanding Chiplets Today to Anticipate Future Integration Opportunities and Limits Special Session Presentation
2002 Heterogeneous 3D ICs: Current Status and Future Directions for Physical Design Technologies Special Session Presentation
2003 Advances in Testing and Design-for-Test Solutions for M3D Integrated Circuits Special Session Presentation
2004 3D++: Unlocking the Next Generation of High-Performance and Energy-Efficient Architectures Using M3D Integration Special Session Presentation
2005 Vertical IP Protection of the Next-Generation Devices: Quo Vadis? Special Session Presentation
2006 IP Protection, Present and Future Schemes Special Session Presentation
2007 Security Validation at VP-Level Using Information Flow Tracking Special Session Presentation
2008 MVLOCK: A Multi-Valued Logic Locking Scheme for Future-Generation Computing Systems Special Session Presentation
2009 Harnessing Security through Runtime Reconfigurable Transistors Special Session Presentation
2010 From Boolean Functions to Quantum Circuits: A Scalable Quantum Compilation Flow in C++ Special Session Presentation
2011 A Resource Estimation and Verification Workflow in Q# Special Session Presentation
2012 HiQ-ProjectQ: Towards User-friendly and High-performance Quantum Computing on GPUs Special Session Presentation
2013 Compilers for the NISQ Era Special Session Presentation
2014 Remote and Stealthy Fault Attacks on Virtualized FPGAs Special Session Presentation
2015 Extended Abstract: Covert Channels and Data Exfiltration from FPGAs Special Session Presentation
2016 Remote Power Side-Channel Attacks on BNN Accelerators in FPGAs Special Session Presentation
2017 Shared FPGAs and the Holy Grail: Protections against Side-Channel and Fault Attacks Special Session Presentation
2018 Hardware Benchmarking of Round 2 Candidates in the NIST Lightweight Cryptography Standardization Process Special Session Presentation
2019 A Deeper Look at Energy Consumption of Lightweight Block Ciphers Special Session Presentation
2020 Machine Learning Assisted Differential Distinguishers for Lightweight Ciphers Special Session Presentation
2021 DNFA: Differential No-Fault Analysis of Bit Permutation Based Ciphers Assisted by Side-Channel Special Session Presentation
2022 The Road towards Predictable Automotive High-Performance Platforms Special Session Presentation
2023 Software Mechanisms for Controlling QoS Special Session Presentation
2024 Resource Contention Avoidance Mechanisms in High-Performance Arm-based Systems Special Session Presentation
2025 Admission Control for Guaranteeing E2E QoS in MPSoCs Special Session Presentation
2026 Supporting System Design with Formal Performance Analysis Special Session Presentation
2027 Perspectives on Emerging Computation-in-Memory Paradigms Special Session Presentation
2028 Re-Engineering Computing with Memristor Devices Special Session Presentation
2029 Testing of ReRAM Crossbars for In-Memory Computing Special Session Presentation
2030 Design Automation for In-Memory Computing Using ReRAM Crossbar Special Session Presentation
2031 Combining Memory and Logic Using Ferro-electric Transistors Special Session Presentation
2032 Hardware-assisted Detection of Malware in Automotive-Based Systems Special Session Presentation
2033 HMD-Hardener: Adversarially Robust and Efficient Hardware-Assisted Runtime Malware Detection Special Session Presentation
2034 Hardware-Assisted Malware Detection Using Machine Learning Special Session Presentation
2035 CASTLE: Architecting Assured System-on-Chip Firmware Integrity Special Session Presentation
2036 Enabling and Supporting Car-as-a-service by Digital Twin Modeling and Deployment Special Session Presentation
2037 Digital Twin Extension with Extra-Functional Properties Special Session Presentation
2038 Cognitive Digital Twin for Manufacturing Systems Special Session Presentation
2039 Dynamic Fault Injection into Digital Twins of Safety-critical Systems Special Session Presentation
2040 Machine Learning Based Real-Time Industrial Bin-Picking: Hybrid and Deep Learning Approaches Special Session Presentation
2041 Image Analytics and Machine Learning for In-situ Defects Detection in Additive Manufacturing Special Session Presentation
2042 Artificial Intelligence for Mass Spectrometry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Special Session Presentation
2043 iCampμS: Development and Transfer Platform for Integrated Microsensor Technologies in a Connected World Special Session Presentation
2044 Efficient Run-time Environments for System-level LET Programming Special Session Presentation
2045 Managing Variability and Reuse of Extra-functional Control Software in CPPS Special Session Presentation
2046 Strengthening Digital Twin Applications Based on Machine Learning for Complex Equipment Special Session Presentation
2047 Moore’s Law and ICT Innovation in the Anthropocene Special Session Presentation
2048 Few Hints towards More Sustainable Artificial Intelligence Special Session Presentation
2049 Sustainable High-Performance Computing via Domain-Specific Accelerators Special Session Presentation
2050 Trends in HPC Driven by the Race to Exascale Special Session Presentation
2051 C-PO: A Context-Based Application-Placement Optimization for Autonomous Vehicles Special Session Presentation
2052 Worst-Case Failover Timing Analysis of Distributed Fail-Operational Automotive Applications Special Session Presentation
2053 Anomaly Detection and Classification to Enable Self-Explainability of Autonomous Systems Special Session Presentation
2054 Decentralized Autonomous Architecture for Resilient Cyber-Physical Production Systems Interactive Presentation (IP)
2055 Provably Robust Monitoring of Neuron Activation Patterns Interactive Presentation (IP)
2056 Automated Driving Safety - the Art of Conscious Risk Taking - Minimum Lateral Distances to Pedestrians Special Session Presentation
2057 On Safety Assurance Case for Deep Learning Based Image Classification in Highly Automated Driving Special Session Presentation
2058 Continuous Safety Verification of Neural Networks Special Session Presentation
2059 Fünfliber-Drone: A Modular Open-Platform 18-Grams Autonomous Nano-Drone Special Session Presentation
2060 Runtime Abstraction for Autonomous Adaptive Systems on Reconfigurable Hardware Special Session Presentation
2061 DDI: A Novel Technology and Innovation Model for Dependable, Collaborative and Autonomous Systems Special Session Presentation
2062 Systems Engineering Roadmap for Dependable Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems Special Session Presentation
2063 Timing-Predictable Vision Processingfor Autonomous Systems Special Session Presentation
2064 Bounding Perception Neural Network Uncertainty for Safe Control of Autonomous Systems Special Session Presentation
2065 Hardware- and Situation-Aware Sensing for Robust Closed-Loop Control Systems Special Session Presentation
2066 Orchestration of Perception Systems for Reliable Performance in Heterogeneous Platforms Special Session Presentation
2067 Quantum Supremacy Using a Programmable Superconducting Processor Special Session Presentation
2068 Autonomy: One Step beyond on Commercial Aviation Special Session Presentation
2069 Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems (SQMS) – a New DOE National Quantum Information Science Research Center Special Session Presentation
2070 Privacy This Unknown - the New Design Dimension of Computing Architectures Special Session Presentation
2071 Programmable Photonic Circuits for Linear Processing Special Session Presentation
2072 Unlocking Transformative AI with Photonic Computing Special Session Presentation
2073 No Bottlenecks Allowed Special Session Presentation
2075 Cyber-Physical Systems for Industry 4.0: An Industrial Perspective Special Session Presentation
2076 Moore's Law Is in Trouble... More Jobs in IC Design! Special Session Presentation
2077 Live Joint Q&A Special Session Presentation
2078 Live Joint Q&A Special Session Presentation
2079 Live Joint Q&A Special Session Presentation
2080 Live Joint Q&A Special Session Presentation
2081 Live Joint Q&A Special Session Presentation
2082 Live Joint Q&A Special Session Presentation
2083 Panel: Is EDA Ready for Cyber-Physical Systems? Special Session Presentation
2084 Panel Q&A Special Session Presentation
2085 Live Q&A Special Session Presentation
2086 Live Q&A Special Session Presentation
2087 Live Q&A Special Session Presentation
2088 Silicon Photonics & Optical Computing: Chair’s Introduction Special Session Presentation
2089 YPP Panel on Different Career Opportunities Having Education in Microelectronics. Special Session Presentation
2090 Autonomous Systems Design: Opening Panel Special Session Presentation
2091 Career Forum: Which career path to take: SWOT analysis – Room 1 Special Session Presentation
2092 Career Forum: Which career path to take: SWOT analysis – Room 2. Special Session Presentation
2093 Career Forum: Which career path to take: SWOT analysis – Room 3 Special Session Presentation
2094 Career Forum: Which career path to take: SWOT analysis – Room 4 Special Session Presentation
2095 Career Forum: Which career path to take: SWOT analysis – Room 5 Special Session Presentation
2096 Towards Assurance-based Learning-enabled Cyber-Physical Systems Special Session Presentation
2097 Welcome addresses Special Session Presentation
2098 Presentation of awards Special Session Presentation
2099 Closing remarks Special Session Presentation
2100 Presentations of awards and prizes Special Session Presentation
2101 Save the DATE 2022 Special Session Presentation
2102 Live Joint Q&A Special Session Presentation
3060 Welcome Addresses Regular Presentation
3061 Presentation of Awards Regular Presentation
3062 Plenary Keynote 1: TBD Regular Presentation
3063 Plenary Keynote 2: TBD Regular Presentation
5020 Opening of the PhD Forum Regular Presentation
5030 Exploiting Error Resilience of Iterative and Accumulation based Algorithms for Hardware Efficiency Regular Presentation
5031 Improving Energy Efficiency of Neural Networks Regular Presentation
5032 Design, Implementation and Analysis of Efficient Hardware-based Security Primitives Regular Presentation
5036 Formal Abstraction and Verification of Analog Circuits Regular Presentation
5039 Optimization Tools for ConvNets on the Edge Regular Presentation
5040 Design Space Exploration in High Level Synthesis Regular Presentation
5041 Reliability Improvement of STT-MRAM Cache Memories in Data Storage Systems Regular Presentation
5043 Enabling Logic-Memory Synergy using Integrated Non-Volatile Transistor Technologies for Energy-Efficient Computing Regular Presentation
5044 Hardware Security in DRAMs and Processor Caches Regular Presentation
5051 Less is more: efficient hardware design through Approximate Logic Synthesis Regular Presentation
5052 LongLiveNoC: Wear Levelling, Write Reduction and Selective VC allocation for Long lasting Dark Silicon aware NoC Interconnects Regular Presentation
5053 Energy Efficient and Runtime based Approximate Computing Techniques for Image Compression Application: An Integrated Approach Covering Circuit to Algorithmic Level Regular Presentation
5055 Thesis: Performance and Physical Attack Security of Lattice-Based Cryptography Regular Presentation
5056 Amoeba-inspired System Controller on IoT Edge Regular Presentation
5057 Monitoring and Controlling Interconnect Contention in Critical Real-Time Systems Regular Presentation
5059 Reliability considerations in the use of high-performance processors in safety-critical systems Regular Presentation
5060 Hardware Security Evaluation of IoT Embedded Applications Regular Presentation
5061 A Computer-aided Design Space Exploration for Dependable Circuits Regular Presentation
5063 Robust and Energy-Efficient Deep Learning Systems Regular Presentation
5064 Automated Design of Approximate Accelerators Regular Presentation
5065 Next Generation Design For Testability, Debug and Reliability Using Formal Techniques Regular Presentation
5067 Design Automation for Field-coupled Nanotechnologies Regular Presentation
5068 Hardware and Software Techniques for Securing Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems Regular Presentation
8003 Nano Security: From Nano-Electronics to Secure Systems Regular Presentation
8004 Project Overview for Step-UP!CPS – Process, Methods and Technologies for Updating Safety-critical Cyber-physical Systems Interactive Presentation (IP)
8006 VeriDevOps: Automated Protection and Prevention to Meet Security Requirements in DevOps Interactive Presentation (IP)
8007 EVEREST: A Design Environment for Extreme-scale Big Data Analytics on Heterogeneous Platforms Regular Presentation
8008 The up2DATE Baseline Research Platforms Interactive Presentation (IP)
8009 GPU4S: Major Project Outcomes, Lessons Learnt and Way Forward Regular Presentation
10330 MicroRV32: A SpinalHDL based RISC-V Implementation for FPGAs Regular Presentation
10331 MELODI: A Mass e-Learning System for Design, Test, and Prototyping of Digital Hardware Regular Presentation
10336 DeFacto: Design Automation for Smart Factories Regular Presentation
10339 Nyuzi: An Open Source GPGPU for Graphics, Enhanced with OpenCL Compiler for Calculations Regular Presentation
10344 CATANIS: CAD Tool for Automatic Network Synthesis Regular Presentation
10345 FPGA Acceleration of Apache Spark SQL Using Apache Arrow and Fletcher Regular Presentation
10346 ELSA: Formal Abstraction and Verification of Analog Circuits Regular Presentation
10347 Brook SC: High-level Certification-friendly Programming for GPU-powered Safety Critical Systems Regular Presentation
10348 Euclid-NIR GPU: An On-board Processing GPU-accelerated Space Case Study Demonstrator Regular Presentation
10349 Skeletor: An Open Source EDA Tool Flow from Hierarchy Specification to HDL Development Regular Presentation
10350 MAEVE: 3D Human Motion Analysis Evaluation from Video at the Edge Regular Presentation
10351 Greyhound: Deep Fuzzing IoT Wireless Protocols Regular Presentation
10352 Modular hardware and software platform for the rapid implementation of ASIC-based bioanalytical test systems Regular Presentation
10353 SRAM-PUF: Platform for Acquisition of SRAM-based PUFs from Micro-Controllers Regular Presentation
10355 Design Automation for Extended Burst-Mode Automata in Workcraft Regular Presentation
10357 HardBlock: Demonstrator of physically binding an IoT device to a non-fungible token in Ethereum blockchain Regular Presentation
10359 LeaRnV: a RISC-V based Embedded System Design Framework for Education and Research Development Regular Presentation
10360 TaPaSCo: The Open-Source Task-Parallel System Composer Framework Regular Presentation
10361 JOINTER: JOining flexIble moNitors wiTh hEterogeneous architectuRes Regular Presentation
10362 SHM-LSNN: Demonstration of a brain-inspired structural health monitoring system Regular Presentation
10363 MDD2FPGA: ROS-based Experimental Environment towards Model-Driven-Development with FPGA Regular Presentation
10364 3D-Mem-Therm: A fast, accurate 3D Memory thermal simulator Regular Presentation
10367 Neuromuscular Synergies based Cyber-Physical Platform for the Fast Lack of Balance Recognition Regular Presentation
18000 Future of HPC: Diversifying Heterogeneity Special Session Presentation
18001 Distributed Grid Computing Manager Covering Waste Heat Reuse Constraints Special Session Presentation
18002 Coyote: An Open Source Simulation Tool to Enable RISC-V in HPC Special Session Presentation
18003 From a FPGA Prototyping Platform to a Computing Platform: The MANGO Experience Special Session Presentation
18004 A Data Center Demand Response Policy for Real-World Workload Scenarios in HPC Special Session Presentation
18005 Storage Class Memory with Computing Row Buffer: A Design Space Exploration Special Session Presentation
18006 Mont-Blanc 2020: Towards Scalable and Power Efficient European HPC Processors Special Session Presentation
18007 Accelerating Data Center Decarbonization and Maximizing Renewable Usage with Grid Edge Solutions Special Session Presentation
18008 Heterogeneous Computing Systems for Complex Scientific Discovery Workflows Special Session Presentation
18072 Enabling Early and Fast Thermal Simulation for 3D Multi-Die System Designs Not decided yet
18073 Future Vision of Altair for EDA Applications Not decided yet
18074 Exhibition Keynote - Digital Twin: the Future Is Now Not decided yet
18075 Book Publishing 101: The Why, How and What Not decided yet
18076 Andes RISC-V Processor IP Solutions Not decided yet
18077 Automating Tiny Neural Network Design with MCU Deploy-ability in the Loop Not decided yet
18078 Earlier SoC Integration with a Multidimensional Design Reuse Not decided yet
18079 Extending the Role of Test to meet Automotive Safety and Security Requirements Not decided yet
18080 Introduction: How STM32 Enables Digital Transformation in Industries Not decided yet
18081 Energica LPWAN Low Power EV Battery Monitor System Not decided yet
18082 Air-Quality Monitoring System via LoRaWAN Network Not decided yet
18083 Enhancing Building Safety Across Europe Through IoT Automation Built on STM32: How Safecility Deliver IoT Emergency Lighting Not decided yet
18084 An Integrated System for Monitoring and Controlling Industrial Machines Not decided yet
18085 Presentation of I4MS Phase 4 initiative Not decided yet
18086 Better Factory project presentation & Open Call opportunities Not decided yet
18087 Change2Twin project presentation & Open Call opportunities Not decided yet
18088 DigITBrain project presentation & Open Call opportunities Not decided yet
18089 KITT4SMEs project presentation & Open Call opportunities Not decided yet
18090 VOJEXT project presentation & Open Call opportunities Not decided yet
18091 I4MS Phase 3 success story Not decided yet
18092 Closing Not decided yet
18093 In-Sensor ML — Heterogeneous Computing in a mW Not decided yet
18094 Specialization in Hardware Architectures for Deep Learning Not decided yet