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M06 HEPSYCODE: HW/SW CO-DEsign of HEterogeneous Parallel Dedicated Systems

Monday, 9 March 2020 14:00
Monday, 9 March 2020 18:00
Autrans 1

In the last years, the spread and importance of embedded systems are even more increasing, but it is still not yet possible to completely standardize and engineer their system-level design flow. The main design problems are to model functional (F) and non-functional (NF) requirements and to validate the system before implementation. Designers commonly use one or more system-level models (e.g. block diagrams, UML, SystemC, etc.) to have a complete problem view and to perform a check on HW/SW resource allocation by simulating the system behavior. In this scenario, SW tools to support designers to reduce cost and overall complexity of systems development are even more of fundamental importance. Co-existence of functional and non-functional requirements is the most relevant challenge. Unfortunately, there are no general methodologies defined for this purpose and often the only option is to refer to experienced designer indications, for taking advantage of empirical criteria and qualitative assessments. In such a context, this tutorial faces the problem of the HW/SW co-design of dedicated/embedded systems based on heterogeneous parallel architectures and presents a methodology (with related prototypal tools), called HepsyCode, able to support the development of such systems in different application domains.

Main objectives:
- to present the state of the art about the most used commercial and academic design tools in the field of hw/sw co-design (with particular attention to design space exploration considering F and NF requirements)
- to present a methodology, called HepsyCode, able to support the development of heterogeneous parallel embedded/dedicated systems in different application domains
- to show live demos related to the use of HepsyCode with one or more case studies