2.8.1 Exhibition Keynote - Digital Twin: the Future Is Now

Thomas Heurung, Siemens EDA, Germany

Virtually every discussion on business trends talks about digitalization—whether it's the digital thread, digital twin, the digital enterprise, or the digitalization of everything. The goal is to harness the power of the exponential to integrate data in unprecedented ways to deliver new value and performance. As a result, the next generation of SoCs will be driven by business workloads and energy efficiencies, where software performance will define semiconductor success.

That is why a digital twin is becoming a necessity to virtually verify and validate the system performance of SoCs both pre-silicon and then throughout the lifecycle of the SoC. Thomas Heurung, technical director Europe for Siemens EDA, will explain how the digital twin is helping to drive Tera-scale IC and application systems. First by accelerating design creation of custom accelerators.Then, by supporting the shift-left in SoC verification, leading to true system validation from IP to software to systems. And ultimately the digital twin enables a digitalization of the SoC environment both pre-silicon and throughout the lifecycle of the IC.