ET10.8.2 Publisher’s Session: How to Publish Your Research Work

Charles Glaser, Springer Nature, United States

This publisher’s session invites all attendees to discuss how and why to publish their research work with Springer Nature. Charles Glaser, Editorial Director for Springer, will present his advice for collaboration in research dissemination. He will be available in this session, as well as the entire exhibition, to discuss the publication of your next book.

Springer is part of Springer Nature, which has over 13,000 employees in over 50 countries. Springer publishes a wide variety of scientific and technical book and journal content, including over 12,000 book titles per year and over 3,000 journals. Our content is distributed globally, via our online portal known as Springerlink, as well as in-print via and a variety of retail outlets, e.g., Our book publishing includes a variety of content types, including textbooks, professional books, research monographs, and major reference works. Since Springerlink is accessed by more than 15,000 academic and corporate institutions globally, our authors’ work has unparalleled, global reach. We offer our authors individualized, expert relationships, throughout the lifecycle of their publishing effort.This talk will describe the “how” and “why” of publishing with Springer.