W09.1 Introduction and Keynote

Session Start
Mon, 08:30
Session End
Mon, 09:00

W09.1.1 IRT Nanoelec at a glance

  • About the talk : The presentation will briefly introduce the workshop, the mission of Nanoelec, its members and activities. A specific highlight will be provided on projects and results that demonstrate how device technologies meet new applications through IC design and novel circuit architectures.
  • About the speaker: Hughes Metras has been appointed director of the technological research institute IRT Nanoelec on September 1st, 2019. Previously, he was in charge of strategic partnerships for the US region where he established CEA Leti’s commercial office in 2011. He benefits from a technical background in Physics engineering (Ecole Centrale de Marseille) and holds an MBA from the University of Miami (Florida).

URL: http://www.irtnanoelec.fr/en/

W09.1.2 IRT Nanoelec: how to combine multi-partner technology and application research in innovative technical fields, while getting concrete results in the end

  • About the talk: IRT Nanoelec has been used by ST where consortium R&D is most appropriate, that is upstream domains for sharing risks when target application is not well defined. It has associated equipment makers, software vendors, academic labs, and system companies to get feedback from applications. IRT has proven flexible enough to re-target the initial goals for instance from data centric approach to sensor centric for silicon photonics. It has also achieved interesting results in imagers from its 3D integration program, which was initially devoted to memory/logic. ST is looking forward to renew similar successes in the upcoming configuration of the IRT.
  • About the speaker: Dr. Thomas has held R&D management positions in the industry, during his 30-year carrier, both in semiconductor and application fields such as Optronics or environmental sensing. From 2009 to 2018, he was the Director of the “Centre Commun de Microelectronique de Crolles” a joint venture between CEA and ST, which had hosted much of the seminal work of FDSOI. He was also part of the teams which defined and defended the Minalogic competitive cluster (2005/2006) and the IRT Nanoelec project (2010/2011) for the Grenoble ecosystem. and he has proposed several of the pilot line projects aiming at establishing the FDSOI ecosystem in Europe. He is now with Europe and France Public Affairs.