ET10.8 Exhibition Theatre Keynote

Session Start
Thu, 11:00
Session End
Thu, 12:00

As special highlight DATE 2020 Exhibition Theatre features an Exhibition Theatre Keynote providing everybody involved in the design of microelectronics products and applications with very valuable advice and with deep insight into the latest challenges addressed by the world-wide market leader STMicroelectronics.


ET 10.8.1 Design-in-the-Cloud: Myth and Reality


The Cloud is promising orders of magnitude savings in time to market for integrated circuits, owing to CPU elasticity. However, practical limitations still mandate a selective approach to the product design flow and the business models have yet to be fully defined by vendors. The economic equation of designing in the cloud is challenging. In addition, design houses, IDMs and OEM customers have to decide to what extent they want to rely on Cloud service providers to maintain the confidentiality of their IP or SOC databases and honor export control requirements, in a context where such concerns are increasingly relevant in EDA vendor and IC supplier selection. This keynote will explore those topics based on ST’s own experience and trials.