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Tutorials Given by World Market-leaders
DATE 2011 is offering 3 full-day and 8 half-day tutorials, providing an excellent opportunity for attendees to hear informative sessions given by leading domain experts. "DATE 2011 Tutorials are industry-driven", said Luca Fanucci, DATE 2011 Tutorials Chair. "With the majority of the speakers drawn from leading EDA, semiconductor and system industries, they will show how to cope with real-life design, verification and test challenges in complex system-on-chip and embedded systems design."

Selected topics are timely and relevant, such as low-power system-on-chip (SoC) design, electronic system level design and verification, 3D-SoC design and manufacturing, and many more. Automotive electronics and renewable energy applications will be specifically addressed, as well as designing cost-effective robust systems. The companies involved include ARM, Enel, Centro Ricerche Fiat, Freescale, IBM, Infineon, Intel, NXP Semiconductors, Mentor Graphics, Silicon Hive, ST-Ericsson, STMicroelectronics, Synopsys and Thales. The tutorials will be completed by tool seminars given by the leading EDA vendors.

Technical Program highlights
As in the past, the D (Design and Design Automation) Track features the largest number of sessions in the program. "We have observed a significant increase in submissions addressing topics such as Networks-on-Chip and System Design/Synthesis, as well as Emerging Technologies, Systems and Applications", says Prof. Enrico Macii, DATE 2011 Technical Program Chair. Popular topics also include Low Power Design, Architectural Design/Synthesis and Reconfigurable Computing. "All in all, the 2011 program looks more exciting than ever", concludes Prof. Macii, "thanks to the explosive mix of topics covered by the 124 technical papers, together with additional 62 interactive presentations, selected in the D Track."

In the A (Application) Track, 36 papers are grouped in sessions by six application domains. "The traditional areas of Communication, Consumer and Multimedia Systems, are very well covered, in addition to those of Secure, Dependable and Adaptive Systems", notes Pol Marchal, DATE 2011 A Track Chair. "Younger topics, such as Transportation Systems, Medical/Healthcare Systems and Energy Generation, Recovery and Management Systems are ramping up in terms of paper contributions, offering the DATE attendees a wide range of application domains to be explored and investigated."

The 32 papers in the T (Test) Track range from high-level Design-for-Test architectures to nanometer defect modeling and from low-power digital to high-performance analog and RF. "A wide-spectrum coverage of test technology in its full breadth", as Erik Jan Marinissen, DATE 2011 T Track Chair, calls it. "In addition, DATE offers the unique opportunity to treat topics, such as low-power or 3D stacking, from a combined, design, automation, and test angle, as all these communities are represented at this conference."

The program for the E (Embedded Software) Track is focused on: Real-Time, Networked Embedded Systems, Software-Centric System Design Exploration, Model-Based Design and Verification and Embedded Software Architectures and Principles. "We have attracted an important number of submissions in these areas, and this has allowed us to select a total of 19 contributions, of outstanding quality, which will certainly represent milestones in the future development of these disciplines,"comments Petru Eles, Chair of the E Track.

"Among other new and eye-catching initiatives, the 2011 program includes two new sessions dedicated to Industrial Papers,’ says Professor Macii. ‘This is one of several new Date directions aimed at consolidating and further promoting a tight interaction between the academic/research community and industry". The sessions will provide the DATE attendees with a glimpse of some real-life design and technology challenges that industry considers important, that should be addressed in the short-to-medium term.

Top Executives in Executive Track: Panels and Special Sessions
The DATE 2011 Executive Track will feature three sessions where 15 top executives from leading global user companies (IDMs, fabless ASIC) and Providers (EDA, IP, Test, foundries, equipment, embedded software) will discuss their technology roadmaps, business decision-making, investment and returns as well as their long-term vision.

In addition DATE 2011 offers 18 panels and special sessions with strong industrial contributions and featuring high-profile speakers like Turing and Kaufman award-winners. The special session topics address key aspects in the design and test of electronic and embedded systems in multiple areas including die stacking, power management, manycore platforms, automotive systems, and component-based design for embedded systems.

The panels cover a comprehensive range of topics from test automation for embedded software to a critical review of the current state of logic synthesis and from verification methodology standards to low power formats. "DATE 2011 special sessions give a comprehensive insight into the current market conditions", says Wolfgang Mueller, DATE 2011 Special Session Chair. Co-chair Tom Fitzpatrick, Mentor Graphics, adds: ‘They also reflect trends in research and development expected to have a major impact on the future of the electronics industry and academic research."

General Information on DATE 2011
DATE 2011 will take place at Alpexpo Alpes Congrès in Grenoble, France, from 14 to 18 March 2011. Grenoble, located in the heart of the Alps and surrounded by the outstanding beauty of the Belledonne, Chartreuse and Vercors massifs, is a key semiconductor site in Europe with more than 38,000 people in micro- and nanotechnologies (24,000) and embedded software (14,000). There are around 100 start-up companies located in the area in addition to 117 companies – 81% of which are SME’s.

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