Smart Devices and Intelligent Energy at DATE 2011 in Grenoble


Special Day 1: Smart devices of the future

"Future electronic systems will continue to be dominated by the convergence between design technology (hardware and software) and fabrication technologies to master next generation smart devices," explains Professor Ahmed Jerraya, chair of this Special Day. "The design of highly integrated and autonomous intelligent devices for healthcare, mobile and consumer applications requires deep knowledge of technology to reach the required performance. Hardware and software design technologies are being employed increasingly to overcome fabrication imperfection and to improve yield. This Special Day will focus on applications, key enabling technologies and future trends driving future smart devices." A highlight will be a keynote address on "Driving innovations in mobile devices and solutions" by Dr Hannu Kauppinen, Director, Head of Business Development Nokia Research Center.

Special Day 2: Intelligent Energy Management-Supply and Utilisation

"Companies such as ST Microelectronics, IBM and Cisco have historically been interested in power and energy consumption only at the chip or device scale, but they are now turning their attention to large scale power generation and management issues as an important new application area," says Dr Paul Mitcheson, chair of this Special Day. "The links between computation, power electronics, and power transmission and distribution systems are therefore becoming stronger as we move into a world of increasing energy utilisation and efficiency. This Special Day will cover recent innovations in enabling technologies for portable devices (energy-harvesting and wireless powering) and applications of intelligent systems to improve the utilisation of electricity supply through smart metering and infrastructure." The keynote address will be presented by Carmelo Papa, an executive Vice President at ST Microelectronics, who will discuss energy-related activities in ST.

Opening Keynotes

Jean-Marc Chery, Executive VP and CTO, STMicroelectronics, France

"How Technology R&D Leadership brings a competitive advantage in the fields of multimedia convergence and power applications"

Steve Furber, The University of Manchester, UK

"Biologically-inspired massively-parallel architectures - computing beyond a million processors"

General Information on DATE 2011

DATE 2011 will take place at Alpexpo Alpes Congrès in Grenoble, France, 14-18 March 2011. Grenoble, located in the heart of the Alps and surrounded by the outstanding beauty of the Belledonne, Chartreuse and Vercors massifs, is a key semiconductor site in Europe with more than 38,000 people in micro and nano technologies (24,000) and embedded software (14,000). There are some 100 start-up companies located in the area together in addition to 117 companies – 81% of which are SME’s. For further information please visit:

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