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Contact: Anne Montarnal

166 B Rue du Rocher de Lorzier, 38430 Moirans, FRANCE

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DOCEA Power develops and markets dedicated system-level tools for modeling and optimizing power/thermal behavior of whole electronics systems. DOCEA's Aceplorer software offers a framework to capture all power related data in a single environment and integrates a consistent methodology for modeling and simulating the power behavior of electronics systems, from SoCs, to systems-in-package and complete boards. The "separation of concerns" approach makes Docea's standalone power models usable across teams and project stages from system level early measurements, to power budget tracking and to silicon validation. The Aceplorer innovative platform is the solution for early power estimation, architecture and power management strategies exploration, use case profiling, package selection and other technology choices that are impacted by power consumption and thermal distribution. Dealing with power and/or thermal issues with Docea Power solutions at system level is fast, secure and efficient. DOCEA technology has been adopted by world's largest semiconductor companies as well as major system integrators in the mobile communications industry.