DATE 2022 fully virtual event

DATE 2022: fully virtual event -- ONSITE days moved ONLINE

We have been planning a special format for DATE 2022, aiming at bringing back the community together after two editions online, trying to balance the uncertainty of the situation and the desire to be partially back in presence. A special program has been organized to start the conference with two days in presence, full of outstanding talks and moments to meet and chat.
However, the current situation of the covid-19 infections across Europe and the consequent travelling/quarantine restrictions adopted by governments, companies and institutions have a strong impact on our health concerns and travelling opportunities, for speakers as well as attendees.
The "in presence" experience remains a fundamental aspect of any conference and of DATE in the specific, for its many networking moments, as well as for the social activities, however the safety of the community is once more a priority. Therefore, after thoughtfull discussion, the DATE Steering Committee opted to move DATE 2022 to a completely virtual event, moving the program of the first two days online also.

Although there is no way to mitigate the disappointment of not being able to meet in person, we trust the rich and interesting program will bring us together online to comment and contribute to the exciting talks and conversations with the speakers and authors of full DATE 2022 program.

Lunch Keynote Monday: Batteries: powering up the next generations

Mon, 14 Mar 2022 12:30
Mon, 14 Mar 2022 14:00
Silvia Bodoardo

Silvia Bodoardo, Politecnico di Torino, Italy


The quest for energy possibly from renewable sources is rapidly increasing, due to new digital technologies that are taking up more and more space in our lives, electric vehicles expected to replace old combustion ones. However, today’s battery technology is lagging behind adjacent technological advances, with most devices using lithium-ion batteries, that bring with them some concerns and not the least their availability in Europe. To create a European energy platform for the future, bringing together renewable energy sources, electric transportation and a connected Internet of Things, a new solution for battery technology needs to be found. 

This keynote will explore how current challenges can be overcome through the application of advances in new materials, what is Europe doing in the field of batteries, the need of skilled people and how the future of battery technology can contribute to build a better, greener and connected world.


Silvia Bodoardo is professor at Politecnico di Torino where she is responsible for the task force on batteries and leads the Electrochemistry Group@Polito. Her research activity is mainly focused on the study of materials for Li-ion and post Li-ion batteries. The research is also dealing with cells production and battery testing. She is participating in several EU funded projects (coordinator of STABLE project), as well as national and regional ones. She is leader of WP3 on Education in Battery2030+ initiative and is co-chair in WG3 of BatteRIesEurope. Silvia organized many conferences and workshops on materials with electrochemical application and was Chair woman at the launch of the Horizon Prize on Innovative Batteries.