Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEL)

Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEL) (Booth: Sponsor)

Contact: Dr. Phillipe Gay-Balmaz

Institute of Electrical Engineering
EPFL STI IEL-GE, Station 11
CH-1015 Lausanne


Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEL)


The Section of Electrical Engineering offers a wide ranging Bachelor program covering three large intimately interconnected domains:

  • Micro- Nano- Bioelectronics: microelectronics, integrated circuit design, transducers, nano- and bioelectronics
  • Information technologies: acoustics, RF and microwaves, photonics, signal and image processing, image analysis, pattern recognition
  • Energy - Smart Grids science and technology: smart grids, renewable energy, energy storage, production, transport, transformation by electronic means, study of devices to convert electrical to mechanical energy

We also offer a "MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING" EPFL that can be complemented by a minor in Space Technology, in Biomedical Engineering, in Energy, in Materials Science, in Management of Technology or in Contemporary Asian Studies.