Technical Programme Committee 2018

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Topic: E5 Software Architectures for Cyber-Physical Systems

Modeling, design, architecture, optimization, and analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS); modeling techniques for large-scale cyber physical systems design and analysis; verification and validation in CPS; safety and cybersecurity in CPS systems; internet-of-things and CPS: modeling, analysis, and design; software-intensive CPS; data-mining and CPS; autonomous and semi-autonomous large-scale CPS and related issues; socio-technical systems (e.g., empowered consumer and organizational behavior in smart grids) and CPS; cognitive control for CPS; modeling and analysis of networked control, switched control, and distributed control systems in CPS; control/architecture co-design in CPS; architecture-aware controller synthesis.

Chair: Shiyan Hu, Michigan Technological University, US, Contact

Co-Chair: Thomas Nolte, MRTC/Mälardalen University, SE, Contact


  • Mohammad Al Faruque, University of California Irvine, US, Contact
  • radu grosu, Vienna University of Technology, AT, Contact
  • Davide Quaglia, University of Verona, IT, Contact
  • Qi Zhu, University of California, Riverside, US, Contact