Fringe Meetings

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A number of specialist interest groups will be holding their meetings at DATE 2017.

Download DATE 2017 meeting room order form here.

Open technical meetings, relating to industry standards, academic or research projects, or managed by non-profit organisations are offered a single room, seating up to 100 persons for a 3-hour timeslot, free of charge during the DATE week.

Additional rooms for non-profit organisations and rooms for open technical meetings managed by commercial enterprises are available for hire, which implies room rental costs (All costs are collected from the DATE Conference Organization K.I.T. Group on behalf of the Conference Host, EDAA, without VAT.).

The following time slots are offered for open technical meetings, which must be open to all DATE attendees:

Tuesday 0830 - 1230
1430 - 1830
Wednesday 0830 - 1230
1430 - 1830
Thursday 0830 - 1230
1430 - 1730

No open technical meetings may be held at other times during the DATE week.

ONLY meetings that are open to general attendees will be advertised on the DATE website, in conference publications and visitor promotions.

Please kindly note:
All available meeting rooms have a total size of 18 m2 and are equipped with standard furniture (tables and chairs) at no extra cost.
Additional costs will incur for any AV equipment (e.g. beamer, screen), telephone lines, internet access, poster boards, catering etc.

Please contact the DATE Event Secretariat for availability by handing in the meeting room request form, stating your preferred time and date slot, number of participants and preferred room layout.

In case of any questions in the meantime, please contact the Event Secretariat
Franziska Röhrig, K.I.T. Group GmbH Dresden, DE
date at kitdresden [dot] de
phone: +49 351 4967-541
fax: +49 351 4956116
Eva Smejkal, K.I.T. Group GmbH Dresden, DE
date at kitdresden [dot] de
phone: +49 351 4967-312
fax: +49 351 4956116

All rooms are offered upon application and are subject to approval by the DATE General Chair.