Exhibition Theatre 2018 feat. Exhibition Workshops dedicated to focus topics like autonomous driving, technologies and applications for the digital age of 5G/IoT


In addition to the conference programme during DATE 2018, there will be a presentation theatre as part of the exhibition from Tuesday, March 20 to Thursday, March 23, 2018, with six Exhibition Workshops dedicated to selected topics of major industrial relevance. As special highlight the keynote speakers from the technical conference will further elaborate on their views and visions in presentations complementing their keynote talks and in panel discussions. The theatre is located in the centre of the exhibition hall as well as close to the rooms of the technical conference programme, thus affording easy access for exhibition visitors as well as for conference delegates.

In these six workshops presentations from exhibitors together with contributions from invited speakers including keynote speakers from the technical conference will form an attractive program focussing on topics of major interest for a large community. In addition to the regular conference attendees especially the local industry as well as researchers from leading universities and research institutes will be invited to attend these workshops. As Exhibition as well as the Exhibition Workshops are free of charge for the visitors, this will be a very attractive offer.

With a clear focus for each workshop and the high level speakers from the conference, the Exhibition Workshops will be an attractive format for exhibitors to give their presentations to an audience not limited to the conference attendees.

The six Exhibition Workshops will feature the following topics:

  • "Smart Systems Applications"
  • "Components for IoT and Security"
  • “5G-Lab and 5G-Applications”
  • “Autonomous Driving”
  • “Semiconductor Technologies for the digital age of 5G and IoT”
  • “Future and Emerging Technologies”

Please contact the DATE secretary (date at kitdresden [dot] de ) for information about the available options for becoming an exhibitor and the Exhibition Theatre Chair Jürgen Haase (haase at edacentrum [dot] de) for discussing your possible contribution to the Exhibition Workshop programmes.