NCCR Robotics

NCCR Robotics (Booth: 7)

Contact: Jan Kerschgens

MED 1 1526 | Station 9
CH-1015 Lausanne

Tel: +41 21 693 0178

NCCR Robotics


The Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research Robotics (NCCR Robotics) brings together a selection of the top robotics laboratories in Switzerland to advance research, education and technology transfer of future intelligent robots with a focus on wearable robotics and mobile robotics for rescue and education.

Wearable robots: prosthetic robots and exoskeletons for rehabilitation and training. We work with neurologists and physicians to truly understand the human body and nervous system so that robots are attuned to the needs of the wearer. This includes developing novel prosthetic limbs to process impulses directly from the brain with implantable or surface sensors; developing novel soft technologies such as artificial skin, stretchable electronics and compliant actuators; developing novel forms of artificial intelligence to make these robots more human; and immersive human-robot interaction.

Mobile robotics for Rescue/Education: flying, walking, or swimming robots for rescue missions or transportation, inspection and human assistance. Our strength is the inspiration from biological systems to make mobile robots perceptually aware and autonomous, safe and easy to use by humans, and capable of moving in very diverse environments. We work with end users and regulators to make sure that these robots respond to real needs and have an impact on society.