Exhibitor Manual

Dear Exhibitor,

Welcome to the DATE 2017 online Exhibitor Manual. The manual contains all relevant information such as important dates and times, contacts and order forms. In case of any missing information or for any other requests, please contact the Event Secretariat.

Our aim is to make your participation in DATE 2017 and your stay on-site at the conference as effective and worthwhile as possible.

For information about Exhibition and Sponsorship opportunities and the most recent floor plan please contact the DATE Event Secretariat.

We wish you a very successful DATE 2017

Event Secretariat

The DATE 2017 Exhibitor Manual is available for download here.

Meanwhile further information are available in the DATE 2017 Event Prospectus.


All exhibitors are invited to submit a proposal as soon as possible for the Exhibition Theatre. Typical contributions are panel sessions (submitters provide topic of the session, abstract describing the session, names and affiliations of panellists; duration is 60 min) and testimonials (20 min talks given by someone (typically a customer) who used specific tools and/or methodology in one of his projects and reports about his design and the results of his project. The programme combines expert panel sessions and customers’ testimonials. The aim is to offer exhibition visitors a fresh view on the key industrial and business issues in the electronic systems design market. The Exhibition Theatre is a open presentation forum located in the Exhibition Hall and is a purpose built room that is fully equipped with AV.

Exhibition Theatre Co-Chairs
Jürgen Haase, edacentrum GmbH, DE
exhibition-theatre at date-conference [dot] com
Marisa Lopez-Vallejo, UPM, ES
exhibition-theatre at date-conference [dot] com