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Contact: Niamh Gallagher

Undo Software
9 Signet Court, Swann Road
Cambridge, CB5 8LA
United Kingdom

Tel: +441223 300 264

Undo Software

E-Mail: ngallagher@undo-software.com
Website: http://undo-software.com

Undo’s products are used by thousands of developers to solve complex, real-world problems for leading technology companies from embedded to enterprise and High Performance Computing to banking.  Its unique record, rewind and replay technology enables Linux and Android developers to see exactly what their program did at every step in its execution, and its reversible debugging and offline analysis capabilities allow problems to be fixed quickly and easily. Developers can now respond quickly to failures in production and test environments, increase their debugging productivity by at least 50% and improve software quality.

Undo is a privately held company headquartered in Cambridge, UK. It is one of fifteen select companies participating in Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab in London and its technology has won numerous awards including ‘Best Software Product’ at the 2015 ARM Innovation Challenge and Gartner’s ‘Cool Vendor in Application Development’. For more information, see http://undo-software.com or follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/@undosoft.