SFB HAEC (TU Dresden)

SFB HAEC (TU Dresden) (Booth: 16+17)

Contact: Nicolle Seifert

Technische Universität Dresden
Georg-Schumann-Straße 11
01062 Dresden

Tel: +49 351 463 41042
Fax: +49 351 463 41099

SFB HAEC (TU Dresden)

E-Mail: nicolle.seifert@tu-dresden.de
Website: www.tu-dresden.de/sfb912

The collaborative research center HAEC is a first attempt to achieve high adaptivity and energy efficiency in such an integrated approach. At the circuit level, we focus on innovative ideas for optical and wireless chip-to-chip communication. At the network level, we research secure, high performance network coding schemes for wired and wireless board-to-board communication. Innovative results at the hardware/software interface level will include energy control loops, which allow hardware to adapt to varying software requirements and vice versa. Software development in general is supported by energy-aware runtimes, energy-aware resource, stream and configuration management schemes and by an analysis framework for high performance/low energy applications. New internet applications are supported by innovations in energy-aware service execution. And, last but not least, formal methods are developed to offer a new quality of assurance in our systems of tomorrow. Demonstrating our results in a joint prototype - the HAEC Box - our goal is to become a pace setter for industry and academia on the design of future energy efficient-computing systems.