MONOZUKURI (Booth: Campus 3D)

Contact: Anna Fontanelli

Monozukuri S.p.A.
Via Barberini 95
00187 Roma

Tel: +39 335 5463425



Monozukuri was founded in 2014 by a team of leading EDA IC and package co-design experts expressly to build new technology, from scratch, to deal with the I/O planning, and optimization phase of the physical implementation of complex 2.5D and 3D integrated circuits. The management team totals 50+ years of working experience at leading semiconductor and EDA companies, where it has given birth to multiple generation of IC and package co-design tools, methodologies, and flows. Privately held, Monozukuri is based in Rome, Italy. Monozukuri has received funding from both institutional and private investors. For further information, please, visit, or call +39-06-3211-0416.