Fast Tracker for Hadron Collider Experiments

Fast Tracker for Hadron Collider Experiments (Booth: EP 9)

Contact: International coordinator: Prof. Mauro Dell’Orso, University of Pisa, IT | Contact person: Calliope-Louisa Sotiropoulou

Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita' di Pisa, Polo Fibonacci
Edificio C, Largo Bruno Pontecorvo 3
56125 Pisa

Tel: +39-050-2214202


We develop an extremely fast but compact processor, with supercomputer performances, for pattern recognition, data reduction, and information extraction in high quality image processing.
The proposed hardware prototype features flexibility for potential applications in a wide range of fields, from triggering in high energy physics to simulating human brain functions in experimental psychology or to automating diagnosis by imaging in medical physics. In general, any artificial intelligence process based on massive pattern recognition could largely profit from our device, provided data are suitably prepared and formatted.
The first goal consists in demonstrating the system can perform online track reconstruction of full events at the highest luminosities of the LHC and SLHC) at CERN, beyond the limits of any existent or planned device and despite the overwhelming confusion due to the very high track multiplicity. We participate to the construction and the test for a high precision real-time tracker built for the ATLAS experiment: the Fast Track (FTK) processor to improve the capability of the ATLAS detector to select interesting events within the enormous LHC background. It uses FPGA and ASIC chips to implement, real-time, complex track reconstruction algorithms. The track's trajectories are reconstructed in 3D, in few dozens of microseconds and the quality of the parameters is almost offline. FTK will increase the ATLAS discovery capability.
In parallel we will pursue challenging R&D & new real time computing ideas for more complex applications.