TU Dresden, SFB 912 (HAEC Booth

TU Dresden, SFB 912 (HAEC Booth

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Addressing the increasing energy demand of global internet usage and the resulting ecological impact of it, the visionary goal of the collaborative research center HAEC (“Highly Adaptive Energy-Efficient Computing”) is to research technologies to enable computing systems with high energy efficiency without compromising on high performance. The HAEC collaborative research center is a first attempt to achieve high adaptivity and energy efficiency with an integrated approach. The technology being explored has the potential for HAEC to take on leadership in the scientific community on how to design future computing systems, and also, as it matures, to become a pace setter and to have impact in the industry.

ASIC and SOC Design:

  • Design Entry
  • Behavioural Modelling & Simulation
  • Power & Optimisation

System-Level Design:

  • Behavioural Modelling & Analysis
  • Acceleration & Emulation
  • Hardware/Software Co-Design

Embedded Software Development:

  • Real Time Operating Systems
  • Software/Modelling