DATE 2012 Proceedings - Session Index

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Keynote Addresses

2.2: Validation of Modern Microprocessors

2.3: Memory System Optimization

2.4: Architectures and Efficient Desgns for Automotive and Energy-Management Systems

2.5: Physical Design for Low-Power

2.6: Optimized Utilization of Embedded Platforms

2.7: SPECIAL SESSION - HOT TOPIC - EDA Solutions to New-Defect Detection in Advanced Process Technologies

2.8: Beyond CMOS - Benchmarking for Future Technologies

3.2: Effective Functional Simulation and Validation

3.3: Industrial Design Methodologies

3.4: Large-Scale Energy and Thermal Management

3.5: PANEL - Key Challenges for Next Generation Computing

3.6: Model-Based Design and Verification for Embedded Systems

3.7: Improving Reliability and Yield in Advanced Technologies

3.8: HOT TOPIC - Design Automation Tools for Engineering Biological Systems

IP1: Interactive Presentations

4.2: Routing Solutions for Upcoming NoC Challenges

4.3: Industrial Embedded System Design

4.4: System-Level Power and Reliability Estimation and Optimisation

4.5: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - State-of-the-Art Tools and Techniques for Quantitative Modeling and Analysis of Embedded Systems

4.6: Compilers and Source-Level Simulation

4.7: Advances in Test Generation

5.1: Special Day E-Mobility - Embedded Systems and SW Challenges:

5.2: Panel - Accelerators and Emulatiors for HS Verification

5.3: Medical and Healthcare Applications

5.4: Microarchitecture

5.5: Shared Memory Management in Multicore

5.6: Scheduling and Allocation

5.7: Testing of Non-Volatile Memories

IP2: Interactive Presentations

6.1: PANEL - Role of EDA in the Development of Electric Vehicles (Special Day E-Mobility)

6.1.2: Keynote

6.2: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - Memristor Technology

6.3: Thermal Aware Low Power Design

6.4: Basic Techniques for Improving the Formal Verification Flow

6.5: System-on-Chip Composition and Synthesis

6.6: Timing Analysis

6.7: HOT TOPIC - Design for Test and Reliability in Ultimate CMOS

7.1: HOT TOPIC - Energy of Optimization (Special Day E-Mobility)

7.2: HOT TOPIC - Virtual Platforms: Breaking New Grounds

7.3: Multimedia and Consumer Applications

7.4: Nanoelectronic Devices

7.5: High Level and Statistical Design of Mixed-Signal Systems

7.6: Advances in Dataflow Modeling and Analysis

7.7: Test and Repair of New Technologies

7.8: HOT TOPIC - New Directions in Timing Modeling in Embedded Software

IP3: Interactive Presentations

8.1: HOT TOPIC - Robustness Challenges in Automotive (Special Day E-Mobility)

8.2: PANEL - EDA for Trailing Edge Technologies

8.3: Innovative Reliable Systems and Applications

8.4: Advances in Formal SoC Verification

8.5: Variability and Delay

8.6: System-Level Optimization of Embedded Real-Time Systems

8.7: On-Line Test for Secure Systems

8.8: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - Batteries and Battery Management Systems

9.2: SPECIAL SESSION - From Ultra-Low-Power Multi-Core Design to Exascale Computing

9.3: Architecture and Building Blocks for Secure Systems

9.4: Advances in High-Level Synthesis

9.5: Supply Voltage and Circuitry Based Power Reductions

9.6: Creation and Processing of System-level Models

9.7: Test and Monitoring of RF and Mixed-Signal ICs

IP4: Interactive Presentations


10.2: Pathways to Servers of the Future

10.3: Side-Channel Analysis and Protection of Secure Embedded Systems

10.4: Topics in High-Level Synthesis

10.5: Modeling of Complex Analogue and Digital Systems

10.6: Cyber-Physical Systems

10.7: On-Line Test and Fault Tolerance

10.8: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - Moore Meets Maxwell

11.1: SPECIAL DAY MORE-THAN-MOORE: Heterogeneous Integration

11.2: The Quest for NoC Performance

11.3: Emerging Memory Technologies (1)

11.4: Physical Anchors for Secure Systems

11.5: Analogue Design Validation

11.6: Techniques and Technologies Power Aware Reconfiguration

11.7: Rise and Fall of Layout

11.8: HOT TOPIC - Programmability and Performance Portability of Multi-/Many-Core

IP5: Interactive Presentations


12.2: The Frontier of NoC Design

12.3: Emerging Memory Technologies (2)

12.4: Digital Communication Systems

12.5: Architecture and Networks for Adative Computing

12.6: Boolean Methods in Logic Synthesis

12.7: Impact of Modern Technology on Layout

12.8: EMBEDDDED TUTORIAL - Advances in Variation-Aware Modeling, Verification, and Testing of Analog ICs