Classification guideline

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To fill in the news / information classification it is important to understand the idea of user-defined content:
When a user registers for the DATE Web-Site, he/she is asked to fill out his/her technical profile (this is an option not a must). This profile is used to filter news / information /DATE track topic and other services to his/her personal needs. An analog engineer most probably is not interested in embedded software topics and therefore should not be bothered with it. In providing such a service to the user DATE enables the user to specify exactly the information which is of value to him/her. On the other hand we can ensure to the information provider that the information is delivered to exactly the engineers that are in need of it.

The provided information however must be classified to be targeted to a qualified user profile. To do so DATE provides the ‘Information/Track Topic Classification’ sheet. This sheet is partitioned into six paragraphs (or groups), each consisting of several parameters which specify the paragraphs in more detail. There are a few simple rules-of-thumb to use the mechanisms effectively.

  • Only specify parameters in the two or three paragraphs which best describe your information, do not choose parameters from all paragraphs.
  • Leave all other paragraphs empty. These paragraphs then are not taken into consideration for contents filtering.
  • Tick one ore more parameters in the paragraphs which best describe your information. The user’s profile must match at least one specified parameter in each explicitly defined paragraph.
  • Tick ‘Business Management’, ‘Personal Management’, ‘Technical Management’ and ‘Professor’ from the first paragraph only if you want your information to go to Executive Management as well. Do not tick this parameter when distributing pure technical information unless you want to annoy people.

Please note that we will initiate a blacklist on user requests that will ban information provider who do not use classification carefully.