W08 Engineering Multi-Scale Systems for Health, Energy and the Environment

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Martin Rajman, EPFL, CH (Contact Martin Rajman)
Patrick Mayor, nano-tera.ch, CH (Contact Patrick Mayor)

The main objective of this workshop is to provide an expert overview of the main scientific achievements produced in the framework of Nano-Tera.ch, a Swiss national program supporting research in multi-scale system engineering for health, security, energy and the environment.

The broad objectives of the program are to improve quality of life and security of people and to create innovative products, technologies and manufacturing methods, thus resulting in job and revenue creation.

Launched in 2008, Nano-Tera.ch is one of the largest federal programs funding research in engineering sciences. The research funded resulted in more than 1000 peer-reviewed publications and numerous prototypes and demonstrators, a tangible sign that the program focuses on concrete collaborative research leading to potentially exploitable results.

The research carried out in the program explores various key thematic areas. Smart prosthetics and body repair covers topics ranging from image-guided micro surgery for hearing aid implantation, to tactile prosthetics as well as spinal cord neuroprosthesis for restoration of locomotion. Health monitoring addresses the use of smart textiles for monitoring long-term obesity, smart bandages, newborn care, and personalized therapeutic drug monitoring. Innovative medical platforms include flexible MRI detectors, cancer diagnostic using cantilever sensors, or high-performance portable 3D ultrasound platforms, among others. In addition to these health-related challenges, Nano-Tera.ch also tackles important issues in environmental monitoring, with technologies such as distributed sensor networks for air quality monitoring or natural hazard detection, multi-color lasers analyzing greenhouse gases or aquatic robots tracking water pollutants. Finally, Nano-Tera.ch has been focusing on the crucial theme of smart energy, with projects addressing ultra-high performance photovoltaic cells, economically viable renewable energy production through solar-hydrogen generators, or smart power grid monitoring and management.


09:00W08.1Nano-Tera.ch Final Event: morning session


09:10W08.1.2Engineering Multi-Scale Systems for Health, Energy and the Environment
Giovanni De Micheli, EPFL, CH

10:00W08.1.3Keynote speech: "The virtual personal health coach: Tools for prevention through behavior change and for management of chronic disease"
Chris Van Hoof, IMEC, BE

11:00W08.1.4Coffee break

11:30W08.1.5Thematic Nano-Tera presentation: Health Monitoring
Bradley Nelson, ETHZ, CH

12:00W08.1.6Thematic Nano-Tera presentation: Smart Prosthetics and Body Repair
Stefan Weber, Uni Bern, CH

12:30W08.1.7Short PhD students presentations (part 1)

13:00W08.1.8Lunch & Exhibition

14:00W08.2Nano-Tera.ch Final Event: afternoon session
14:00W08.2.1Keynote speech: "The bio-inspired artificial pancreas for treatment of diabetes"
Pantelis Georgious, Imperial College London, GB

15:00W08.2.2Thematic Nano-Tera presentation: Medical Platforms
Luca Benini, ETHZ, CH

15:30W08.2.3Coffee break

16:00W08.2.4Thematic Nano-Tera presentation: Environmental Monitoring
Alcherio Martinoli, EPFL, CH

16:30W08.2.5Thematic Nano-Tera presentation: Smart Energy
Christophe Moser, EPFL, CH

17:00W08.2.6Short PhD students presentations (part 2)