Wednesday, March 21, 2018 Special Day Sessions

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DATE 2017 IoT Ten-Cent System-on-Chip Challenge

Call for Posters

This session invites poster submissions on novel systems-on-chips for IoT applications. The IoT space demands both extremely low power (microwatts to nanowatts) and extremely low cost (as low as ten cents). Each poster will explain how their SoC concept meets these requirements for innovative IoT applications. A chip may be designed for any aspect of the IoT ecosystem: nodes, hubs, cloud, etc.
A poster should discuss:

  • The intended applications of the chip and of the IoT system of which it will be a part.
  • Design goals for cost, power/energy consumption, and security.
  • Chip architecture including block diagram.
  • Novel aspects of the design: sensors, power management, communication, security, etc. 
  • Challenges in hardware and software design.

Submissions may be at the concept stage. However, some projects may be at a more advanced stage, in which case the poster can present a more detailed description of the SoC.

Posters will be presented during the interactive presentation part at the IoT Day. Each poster will receive a 1-minute presentation during the session, followed by discussion at the posters. In addition to discussion with DATE attendees, each poster will be visited by the Challenge Committee, which will discuss the proposal with the presenters and provide suggestions. Each poster will be awarded by the Challenge Committee with an award at one of three levels: gold, silver, or bronze.

Participants should submit a one-page abstract to the Ten-Cent SoC Challenge category by February 1, 2017 on The abstract should include a title, authors, and a brief summary of the proposal. Authors will be notified of acceptance by February 15, 2017.

For more information, please contact:
Special Day IoT Co-Chairs