Thursday, March 28, 2019 At-A-Glance

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Interactive Presentations: 10:00 - 10:30 IP4 (in room Conference Level, Foyer) / 15:30 - 16:00 IP5 (in room Conference Level, Foyer)

Track /
08:30 - 10:0010:00 - 10:3010:00 - 11:0011:00 - 12:3012:30 - 14:0014:00 - 15:3015:30 - 16:0016:00 - 17:30
Track 1
Room 1
9.1 Special Day 210.1 Special Day 211.1 Special Day 212.1 Special Day 2
Track 2
Room 2
9.2 High-Level Synthesis (D2_1)10.2 Special Session: Enabling Graph Analytics at Extreme Scales: Design Challenges, Advances, and Opportunities (SS5_14)11.2 Novel techniques in optimization and high-level modeling of mixed-signal circuits (DT5_1)12.2 The Art of Synthesizing Logic (D12_2)
Track 3
Room 3
9.3 Special Session: RISC-V or RISK-V? Towards Secure Open Hardware (SS4_12)10.3 System-level Dependability for Multicore and Real-time Systems (T4_2)11.3 Special Session: Rebooting our Computing Models (SS1_7)12.3 Aging, calibration circuits and yield (T1_2)
Track 4
Room 4
9.4 Where do NoC and Machine Learning meet? (D7_2)10.4 Disruptive Technologies Ain't Fake News! (D13_2)11.4 Learning Gets Smarter (D13_1)12.4 Design and Optimization for Low-Power Applications (D9_2)
Track 5
Room 5
9.5 Attacking Memory and I/O Bottlenecks (D8_2)10.5 SSD and data placement (D8_4)11.5 Vitello e Mozzarella alla Fiorentina: Virtualization, Multicore, and Fault-Tolerance (D2_3)12.5 System Modelling for Analysis and Simulation (D1)
Track 6
Room 6
9.6 Reliability of highly-parallel architectures: an industrial perspective (A8)10.6 Self-adaptive resource management (A6_1)11.6 Design Automation Solutions for Microfluidic Platforms and Tasks (A7_2)12.6 Trojans and public key implementation challenges (A5_2)
Track 7
Room 7
9.7 Runtime Predictability (E1_1)10.7 Architectures for emerging machine learning techniques (E2_3)11.7 Extending Scheduling Schemes (E1_2)12.7 Emerging Strategies for Deep Neural Network Hardware (A7_2)
Track 8
Exh. Theatre
9.8 Special Session: IBM's Qiskit Tool Chain: Developing for and Working with Real Quantum Computers (SS6_17)
Conference Level, Foyer
IP4 Interactive PresentationsIP5 Interactive Presentations
Exhibition Area
CB5 Coffee BreakCB6 Coffee Break
Lunch Area
LB3 Lunch Break